Think Like a Gentleman, Win $100,000

What does it mean nowadays to conduct oneself as a proper gentleman?  Come up with the right answer to this question and your pockets could soon put on some weight to the tune of the hundred grand with which you’ll get to stuff them.

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From now until July 29th, 2012, Ketel One Vodka is holding a competition (complete with celebrity mentors to guide you on your course) aimed at rewarding the best response with lots and lots of money.  Ketel One Vodka’s “A Gentleman’s Call is taking to Facebook to make tossing your hat into the ring worth your while.  Comment there with a progressive and original idea on what you feel is the mark of a modern gentleman, and you’ve entered.  The five best responses will be displayed publicly for the legions of your soon-to-be admirers to vote upon.  Win, and not only do you get the hundred thousand dollars, but also a party thrown in honor of your awesomeness and a feature story about you in GQ Magazine.

Test your chivalrous might at Ketel One’s Facebook page.

Me, I’m off to devote serious thought to the matter, and perhaps enjoy some sort of clear liquor on the rocks while doing so…

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