Ocean-Aged Bourbon, Tomato Fight Tapas, Miso Spreadable, and Barrels of Oak-Flavored Fun

Today we kick off a new feature we’re excited to unveil at last.  Every Friday, Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay will offer up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.  *We’ll be focusing mainly on products, services, and events with these, with the hope that you’ll find cool experiences from our listings and comment here to let us know about it.  Think of Friday Fourplay as foodie news tapas.  We already do.

All right.  Let’s get to it:

Photo credit: Thrillist.com

Jefferson’s Ocean-Aged Bourbon

It’s a limited edition, a very small batch Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.  It’s aged at sea aboard a massive ship whose chief purpose is great white shark research.  Its barrel-aged flavor complexity is owed to prolonged exposure to salty sea air and getting rocked and rolled by the motion of the ocean.  To what weathered port or coastal hamlet must one travel in order to nurse a nip of this nautical nectar?  Our friends at Thrillist managed to get into their hot little hands a vendor list citing everyplace this Bourbon (which has doubtless spent more time at sea than I) can be purchased.  Bon voyage!

Via Thrillist

Photo credit: Jaleo.com

Jaleo’s Tomatina 2012 Menu

Wabbit season? Duck season? No: it’s tomato season.  La Tomatina is the name given to the tomato-fight-to-end-all-tomato-fights that goes down on the streets of Buñol, Spain each year in late August.  D.C.-area restaurant Jaleo is celebrating the tomato’s versatility (as a foodstuff, not a projectile) with a menu of bites and sips featuring the ripened little darlings.  Nothing like a plate of watermelon and tomato “caviar” skewers to take the edge off the August heat index.

Via Jaleo

Photo credit: Tasting Table


No longer the proverbial needle in a haystack outside of 18th-century Japan, this product has a luxurious texture said to recall that of brie cheese or foie gras.  Available at online store Rau Om, this spreadable miso-cured tofu can be enjoyed in a number of ways, and pairs well with wine, shochu, or sake.  Best of all, it’s non-dairy, meaning vegans and soft cheese lovers can both get down with the thickness.

Via Tasting Table

Photo credit: Opensky.com

Pleepleus American White Oak Barrel

Pick your poison, then barrel-age (oakify?) it for 2 weeks or up to 2 years within this sweet-looking little item that holds up to 2 liters of spirits.  It’s reusable and measuring 7.5 x 5 x 5 allows  it to make a bold and attractive addition to your home bar without taking up too much real estate.  Also did we mention that it looks damned sweet?

Via Opensky.com

*Mention of a product, good, or service in a Friday Fourplay posting should not be interpreted as an endorsement either from Anthony Beal or Flavorful World food and drink blog.  Vendors are not notified ahead of time that their products/services will be featured, thus Flavorful World will at the time of posting have had no related interactions with said vendors or any sample of their products/services by which to judge them.  As such, we have no idea what these vendors are like to work with, or about the quality of their merchandise and are unqualified to vouch for them as reputable.  Our Friday Fourplay lists are posted in the simple spirit of our having come across something that looks and sounds engaging, and thinking that perhaps our readers will think so too; no more, no less.  With that in mind, patronize these establishments and vendors at your own risk.
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