Product Review: Almondina Brand Cookies

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Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

The slogan under which this product is marketed, and the first phrase on its packaging to catch my eye, calls it “The Delicious Cookie Without the Guilt™.” For the purposes of this review, I received samples of flavors Original, Choconut, Ginger Spice, Sesame, Chocolate Cherry, and Cinnaroma. Intrigued as I always am by products that promise to be tasty as well as healthy, I was eager to learn whether those words rang truthfully, and thus conceived a gauntlet of tasting accompaniments by which to gauge the product’s flavor and versatility (as goes the old adage, “man cannot live by snack cookie alone.”)

As the name would suggest, a defining attribute of Almondina biscuits is the generous helping of sliced roasted almonds dotting each cookie, making them an attractive snack from first viewing. If there is truth in the saying that we eat with our eyes first, then one’s tasting experience begins the moment a package of these biscuits is in hand.

I first tasted each variety unaccompanied by additional food or drink. From there I tasted them in the order that they are listed above, taking only palate-cleansing sips of water between samples. My first impression of the product line was that each biscuit was thin and crisp, broke with an emphatic snap! when bitten, and was pleasantly mild on sweetness, allowing the ingredients (ginger, raisins, cherries, and cocoa, to name a few) to speak for themselves. Where some snack cookie manufacturers feel it necessary to embellish their product with crème filling, marshmallows, or embedded candy fragments whose only significant contributions are to the product’s calorie count, I was pleased to find that Almondina biscuits taste great naked. There’s no need to cover them with sprinkles or other distractions. That isn’t to say that they are only to be enjoyed by themselves, though. Subsequent to individual standalone tastings, I’ve found that these biscuits work well as complement to a hot cup of tea or coffee, Mexican hot chocolate, or a serving of frozen yogurt or fruit. An added draw is that a hungry person doesn’t need many to feel sated. One serving (4 cookies) is enough to make a satisfying between-meal snack.

Kosher, and non-dairy, free of cholesterol and added fat or salt, the Almondina Biscuit is indeed a guiltless snack cookie; one that comes in a wider variety of flavors and styles than many products of its kind. If all-natural sweets options are of interest to you, they are definitely worth a try.

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  • September 13, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    Only seen the original flavor in Trader Joe’s, but the other variations are probably at Whole Foods or Gelsons. They’re soooo good. It’s probably not healthy anymore if you eat like 4 or 5 a day right? Curious about the other flavors!

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