West Coast Ice Cream Delivery, Okinawan Snake Wine, Boozy Bar Snacks, and Eat Phoneless: Get a Discount

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Ice Cream of the Month in the San Francisco Bay Area

Homemade ice cream delivered monthly to your door?  It’s as easy as signing up with your email address.  Do this, and near the end of each month, the good people who’ve opened the Tin Pot Creamery will email you with details on the flavor of the month. Then on the last Wednesday or Thursday of the month, you’ll get a quart of the good stuff hand-delivered right into your hot little hands. Special delivery is also available for those crisis-level ice cream shortages with which many reading this are probably all too familiar. And despite Tin Pot Creamery knowing a thing or two about bringing the tasty with flavors like Raspberry Chambord and Bourbon with Oatmeal Pecan Cookies, they’re happy to whip up custom blends.  All you have to do is ask.
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Awamori  is a Japanese “soul spirit” distilled in Okinawa.  Generally about 30 proof, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, the most intriguing of which is by far the Habushu liqueur derived from the blending of awamori with honey and assorted herbs. Habushu is named for the Habu snake, a variety of poisonous pit viper that gets prepared and inserted into each bottle in an aggressive striking pose.  That habushu is believed to hold medicinal properties (not limited to a beneficial effect on the male libido) probably goes without saying, but just in case it doesn’t, then yes, there’s that aspect too.  That implication notwithstanding, such an opportunity to literally name my poison is one I don’t think I could pass up.

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Boozy ‘Cryo-Spheres’

A new pellet-sized bar offering is currently being enjoyed at Washington D.C.’s A Bar.  Small enough to eat by the spoonful, and reminiscent of Dippin’ Dots in appearance, ‘cryo-spheres’ (so-dubbed because their first chosen name of “Drinkin’ Dots” hewed close enough to the aforementioned product to incur the wrath of Dippin’ Dots’ legal department), are created from droplets of alcoholic drinks that get dripped into liquid nitrogen, freezing them into tiny balls of liquored greatness.  And just like that, the distinction between drunken food and edible cocktails blurs ever further.  And  we should all be A-okay with it.

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Go Phoneless, 5% Discount on Your Meal Tab

L.A. dining establishment Eva Restaurant is offering patrons a five percent discount in exchange for checking their cell phones at the door for the duration of their visit.  Aimed less at preventing background noise disruptions, according to Chef and owner Mark Gold, this initiative is aimed more at enhancing ambiance and a sense of family that it is believed the removed distraction of cell phones can only benefit  guests and restaurant alike.  If nothing else, this frees the mouth for more relevant pursuits like conversing with dinner guests or, dare we say, eating food, so it sounds like a good call.

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