Honey Mead Returneth, Robots Delivering Tacos, Bacon Slam Poetry, and Goldsmith’s “Baking Out Loud”

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Photo credit: Maine Mead Works

Mead Comes Back

A honey-sweet taste reminiscent of meadows combined with a cool history of being the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage equal all the reason one needs to be curious about the drink known as mead.  Maine Mead Works, based in Portland, ME is achieving great positive response to its product which is made with honey from goldenrod-fed bees, and utilizes ginger root and South African yeast.  Speaking as a fan of said beverage, I look forward to my next opportunity to utter the phrase, “A flagon of mead, Barkeep!” without a hint of irony, as such opportunities present themselves far too infrequently (and besides, doesn’t everything taste better by the flagon?)


Photo credit: Tacocopter.com


I have to file this one under “How Cool Would it Be if…” since the SF Bay-based service its creators claim intent to provide, that of delivering tacos by flying robot drone that will track a customer’s location by smartphone GPS, is not currently operating.  And since many observers believe said claim to be an elaborate joke.  And since there’s every possibility that Tacocopter won’t be operating anytime soon.  Surprising no one, the FAA has more than a few problems with the prospect of unmanned drones roaming airborne through densely-populated city streets, and perhaps so should we.  The tacocopter website states that the device’s inventors originators are currently seeking ways to circumvent all the legal/FAA-related ramifications that come with such an endeavor. As cool as robot taco delivery sounds, I suppose I’ll have to continue acquiring tacos the old-fashioned way. For now.

Via Tacocopter.com

Photo credit: SF Weekly

Bacon Slam Poetry

Today we offer up our first Friday Fourplay video item, a bit of bacon-inspired slam poetry performed by Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman.  In light of recent widely-disputed news reports of an allegedly impending worldwide bacon shortage, such a love letter to pork in our favorite form seemed both timely and appropriate.  This particular video is part of CollegeHumor.com’s Malarious initiative, seeking to raise funds and awareness for children afflicted with malaria.  It’s a win-win, so take a moment to watch.

Via SF Weekly

Photo credit: Food Republic

Baking Out Loud Book Release Party

On october 2nd, soul food restaurant Red Rooster Harlem owner Marcus Samuelsson is giving us something to crow about while author Hedy Goldsmith gives us something to read. Roast duck with waffles? Jerk bacon and egg? Assorted favorite desserts from Hedy Goldsmith, author of upcoming cookbook “Baking Out Loud”? Yes, please. You had me at “roast duck.” Tickets for the three-course tasting menu or the three courses with wine pairings can be purchased here.

Via Food Republic

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