Freshline Gourmet Wants to Share Certified Quality Authentic Greek Foods With Us

Photo credit: Freshline Gourmet

The food experts and inspectors at I.C.B. Services, Ltd and their recently-launched Freshline Gourmet food distribution enterprise have a twofold goal with our health and well-being in mind. They want to expand the availability of authentic Greek foods of certified quality to international markets. They also want people worldwide to enjoy those foods secure in the knowledge that the items have been produced with attention not only to taste and origin, but also to quality, nutritional value, and perhaps most importantly, food safety.

Says Andri Andreou, Managing Director of I.C.B. Services Ltd, “We are very excited to bring health and longevity to family tables across the world, by providing them with some of the highest quality foods Greece has to offer. We feel confident that our new venture will prove to be an overwhelming success and that we will contribute considerably in increasing Greece’s food export activity.”

Freshline Gourmet wants its products, already beginning to appear on delicatessen shelves in the UK, to continue expanding their reach until they make it onto your table.  Partnering with small traditional producers seems to be helping toward that end.  Market Manager, Dennis Koutoudis had this to offer on the subject:

Photo credit: Freshline Gourmet

“The company’s Non-GMO & Gluten Free Extra Virgin Olive Oil of extremely low acidity (commonly below 0.2% at harvest) is already present in UK Delicatessens, while very soon European delis and supermarkets will enjoy Freshline Gourmet’s Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oils with Pure Natural Herbs or Fruits, Pure Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Pomace Oil, a selection of Greek Wines and Cheeses as well as their various types of Olives & Olive Pastes. As customer demand for certain products increases, Freshline Gourmet will keep expanding its product range to better fulfill the needs of its customers. As the company grows, it will form new partnerships with the best small traditional producers of various carefully selected Greek natural foods.

These small producers of genuine Greek products (some even homemade), find a way to export their products through Freshline Gourmet, taking advantage of the knowledge and guidance they provide, while at the same time assuring their customers on the authenticity,  quality, origin, taste, nutritional value and last but not least the food safety of the products they sell.”

Want to learn more about how Freshline Gourmet is offering up a quality of authentic foods that until recently has seen little international presence?  Visit the website at

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