What’s a “Philanthropub”?, K-Cup Mixology, Gamer Theme Libations, and Fried Chicken and Donuts in Philly

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Worthy Cause

A new word that the partners behind Cause, opening next week in Washington D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood, want us all to commit to memory: Philanthropub (noun): A bar where having a good time helps a great cause.  The concept is simple:  You sip delicious cocktails named for human rights activists and put your teeth in some fantastic charcuterie.  Then you pay your tab, and the profits from what you spent get donated to the charity you select from a presented roster of worthy organizations. The establishment is holding a Sneak Preview party this Saturday evening October 20th (to which limited tickets are still available as of the writing of this post,) ahead of its October 24th grand opening. As one of the most effortless ways of doing good to come along in quite some time, Cause is worth a visit.

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K-Cup Mixology

The appeal of a hot beverage on a brisk Fall or Winter day is easy to understand.  Equally so are all the things to adore about a well-made cocktail.  The creative minds at men’s website Cool Material understand both of these better than most, as they’ve brought together all the warming comforts of a dose of good liquor with the convenience of a single cup brew of tea or coffee.  The result? A myriad of recipes for alcoholic cocktails you can concoct using Keurig Coffee Maker K-Cups.  Easily-customized to accommodate one’s personal alcohol tolerance, these sound like a great way to keep toasty as the temperatures descend.

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Gamer Sauce

Nothing I write here will be as good as the article itself, so I’ll just say that video game PR has changed quite a bit since my youth.  There’s a “bold” merlot inspired by the zombie shooter Resident Evil (perhaps because red wine so resembles blood?), a quartet of Halo-inspired cocktails bearing names like “Requiem Bomb” and “Master Chief,” and a Purple Label “Johnny Gat” scotch (a re-branded Johnny Walker Black) modeled after Saints Row: The Third. While any of these would represent the ultimate in-game Power-Up, I won’t hold my breath for it.  Still, fun sips ahead.

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Fried Chicken and Donuts

In Philadelphia, lines form early at Federal Donuts, where there’s never a bad time to tuck into an order of Korean-style twice-fried chicken and fresh handmade donuts.  Open from 7am to 3pm or until sold out of tasty items (and on weekends from 7am until 7pm or sold-out) the shop begins each day with fancy donut flavors like Creamsicle and Pomegranate-Nutella. Around 11:45 am daily is when they roll out the chicken, including a Honey donut and side of Japanese pickles with each order.  With three ways to enjoy your bird (dry-seasoned, wet glazed, or naked) as well as all the hot donuts and fresh coffee your little heart desires, this feels like a great time to visit Philly.

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