A Five-Week Food Fight, A Rockin’ Bottle Stopper, The Whisky Advent Calendar, and Musical Sandwiches in Portugal

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Photo credit: Tasting Table

Five-Week Food Fight

More than stomachs are rumbling over at Tasting Table. Each week for the next five weeks, the popular food lovers’ website will present a new entry in its Food Fight series, inviting visitors to take sides and vote their favorite foods toward gustatory glory (included among its current topics of culinary contention: “Sweet vs. Savory. Which makes for the better brunch?” and “Fried or Raw: Which is the better oyster?”) Rock the vote, indeed.

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Photo credit: Food Republic

A Bottle Stopper With Attitude

Talk about a match made in Rock n’ Roll Heaven. High fashion designer John Varvatos has pooled his considerable talent s with those of Mode Design Group (MDG) and tequila titan Patrón Spirits to create a guitar-inspired bottle stopper for the Patrón Añejo bottle.  Coming to select retailers this holiday season, the metal stopper fashioned after a guitar head and inscribed with the instantly recognizable Patrón bee will be a limited edition item sold in an attractive gift box (also limited edition).

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The Whisky Advent Calendar

Remember those calendars with little candies behind their cardboard doors that some of us got as children to count the days until Christmas? Well, we’ve grown up and so have they. Aimed at spreading a more mature form of daily holiday cheer, the Whisky Advent Calendar houses a little .33 oz bottle of liquor behind each of its 24 doors, including among its varied offerings a 50-year old single malt.  That’s Christmas spirit you’re tasting, and it is smoooooth…

Via Cool Material

Photo credit: www.Soundwich.pt

Sandwiches: The Musical

In the city of Porto, Portugal, the once humble sandwich has been given its own soundtrack along with some serious style points.  The restaurant Soundwich has debuted a line of seven signature sandwiches, each created by a different chef who also chose a musical selection to be played by the tins in which they get served while one eats.  A mango, avocado, and tomato sandwich gets accompanied by Mario Biondi’s “This Is What You Are,” while Louis Armstrong serenades a sandwich of chicken breast, buffalo mozzarella, crispy bacon, and pesto with “Cheek to Cheek.” Now music can feed the soul and the stomach alike.

Via iFood TV

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