L.A.’s Caviar ATM, The Last Supper Club, Tastes Like Geometry, and Food-Themed Gifts for the Holidays

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Caviar Vending Machines

Every time I observe something that I feel answers the question “How indulgent can you get?” beyond the need for any further discussion, something like this happens: In Los Angeles, California, a company called Beverly Hills Caviar has placed a number of vending machines stocked with an expansive selection of quality caviar as well as escargot, truffles, and mother of pearl plates and spoons.  While the caviar vending machine is no unprecedented concept (having existed in Russia for a couple of years now) it is new to the U.S.  Whether public reaction to this remedy for the apparent lack of convenient, accessible-up-until-2 a.m. caviar often going for $500 per ounce (an affliction from which I have to think precious few Americans, even wealthy ones, are currently suffering) will err more on the side of “Finally!” or “Meh.” remains to be seen.  If I were a gambling man, I know where I’d put my money, though.  And it wouldn’t be into one of these machines.

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The Last Supper Club

In mid May 2011, reacting to the apocalyptic prediction of a preacher who claimed our world’s final curtain would fall on May 21st, 2011, I prepared a Doomsday menu.  I figured that if whatever I cooked on May 21st was to mark my final eating experience, then I’d better damned well make that last meal count. The fact that Earth and its inhabitants still exist hasn’t stopped a group of like-minded food lovers from crafting a similarly themed eating experience, in light of the Mayan calendar prediction that December 21, 2012 is the actual date when life as we know it ends, or at the very least, undergoes irrevocable and not necessarily beneficial change.  The Last Supper Club, taking place over three weeks from December 6th to December 21st, involves a feast to end all feasts (quite literally).  Featuring live music, alcoholic beverages, and a menu that will change themes each week (Beginning with the “Salvation Menu,” then transitioning to the “Mayan Prophets’ Feast,” and in its—and our—final week, the “Doomsday Diner,”) it is taking reservations online now.  Could (but in all likelihood, won’t) be your last chance to enjoy an evening out, so it just might be worth a look.

Via Zagat

Photo credit: sakirgokcebag.com

Tastes Like Geometry

If the visually-striking photo art exhibition currently displaying at his website is fair indication, artist Sakir Gökçebag likes to play with his food.  From where we the viewers sit, this is an inclination less to be discouraged than to be celebrated.  There’s a degree of precision and symmetry here that deserves to be recognized by as many people as possible.  So, as he carves fruits and vegetables into memorable works of artistic cred, recognize.  And maybe relive a few moments from your grade school geometry classes, if they’d been made juicier.

Via Food Republic

Photo credit: Bon Appétit

Food-Inspired Gifts

With Thanksgiving 2012 now behind us, consumers’ thoughts have turned to Christmas purchases and how best to be a giver of unique and thoughtful gifts.  Because  Bon Appétit Magazine loves us and wants us to be happy, it has put forth this list of imitation edibles suitable for giving away by those who love those who love food.  Whether what’s missing from your favorite foodie’s life is a tent shaped and printed like a watermelon slice, a scarf resembling a colossal strip of bacon, or decorative hand soaps crafted to look like sushi and other foodstuffs, you’ll find inspiration here for gifts to give, and maybe even a dinner idea or three.

Via Bon Appétit

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