Product Review: Dollop Gourmet’s Ultimate Dude Frosting Spread

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Photo credit: Dollop Gourmet

If the phrase “frosting spread” sound familiar, that’s because this product was featured as the prize in our first giveaway contest, held last month. On first tasting the sample sent to me by Dollop Gourmet, I felt confident that others would enjoy it as much as I did. Sold in convenient resealable pouches, frosting spread is squeezable, allowing one to measure a desired amount with accuracy. Although it requires refrigeration after opening, the product is intended for usage at room temperature.  The pouches don’t take up much real estate inside your refrigerator, either, so finding space to store it shouldn’t be an issue.

Having taken several weeks to experiment with the product across a variety of applications to a variety of foods, I remain impressed by it. My research was exhaustive, and I made a point of exploring its applications to more than just other sweets, because whereas it was certain to complement other sugary items, the same could not necessarily be expected of food that emphasized salt or other flavor notes over sweetness. A more versatile food product, it excites me to say, I haven’t come across in quite some time. In it, I taste every spoonful of stolen cake batter I ever filched from the mixing bowl as a child when my mother or grandmother was baking.  I taste edible, spreadable mischief, and it tastes of peanut butter buttercream and sugary cookie dough heralding baked goods yet to come, complemented with a generous helping of chocolate chips.

It bears mentioning that if peanut butter isn’t your thing, then this is a product you would do wise to pass on, as its flavor, while not overpowering, is inseparable from the others present.  Having said that, and speaking as someone who very much enjoys the taste of peanut butter, I found that frosting spread tastes great on graham crackers, strawberries, ice cream, warm toast, apple slices, salted wheat crackers, bread sticks, baby carrots, pancakes, salted pretzels, and even stirred into coffee in place of sugar or other sweetener. Most people reading this are likely to be fond of at least some of the foods in that number. If so, then crowning your favorite snack with a dollop of frosting spread will only enhance your eating experience.  It awakens the flavor of sweet items, and serves the tongue a whimsical counterpoint to the savory essences of others.  Half the enjoyment I derived from this product was in seeking new foods with which to pair it, and I still probably haven’t scratched the surface with regard to the full spectrum of its usages. But that’s what will keep me (and, I trust, many others) coming back for more of it. It adds a layer of enjoyment to food and eating that will appeal to children and adults alike. This is why, were I pressed to distill the essence of Dollop Gourmet’s Frosting Spread to a single word, that word would be: Fun.

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