Wants to Mail You Good Health

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Some time ago, Mrs. Flavorful World tipped me off about a website for a soon-to-launch enterprise called, that shortly will begin delivering healthy snack foods to subscribers by mail.  Whether or not she was sharing it as a hint for me to get off the computer and do some crunches is something to which I’m choosing not to devote too much thought.  Instead, I’m busily considering the more than 90 nutritious products to be available for just $5.00 per box (that includes shipping) once this service launches. In an age when those upon whom geographic fortune smiles can get doorstep delivery of every edible vice from flavored bacon to boozy ice cream sandwiches, will offer equal accessibility to foods that actually benefit the human body.

The good news: Using the site sounds really simple. First you select your desired (totally guilt-free) food items, then tell where to deliver them, and they ship you the goods by USPS, so there’s no signature required. After that, you open the box and enjoy good health. With each recipe checked by a nutritionist to ensure optimal benefit, sounds like a timely and important addition to the myriad food-by-mail options perpetually available to anyone with a computer and a clicking finger.

The slightly-less-good-but-far-from-awful news: At present, one can only join by invitation, but give the website your email address and you’ll not only be kept apprised of updates on when it goes live, but will also receive a free box of snacks once it launches.  With a wide selection of sweets and savories available, I’m excited by the prospect of more people subbing out unhealthy snacks in favor of more beneficial ones acquired in a convenient, inexpensive fashion. Hopefully others are as well.

And now, I’m off to do some crunches.

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