Maple From the Block, Kitchen Keeps On Rollin’, Food Republic’s SoBeFest Giveaway, and The Ramen Noodle Equation

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Photo credit: Tasting Table
Photo credit: Tasting Table

Maple From the Block

Tonewood Maple is doing great things with its product these days (in case the “M” word in the company name didn’t give it away, its product is maple syrup.) Made from 100% pure maple sap, Tonewood’s line of tasty products ranges from crisp maple flakes to a velvety maple cream “curd,” and has opened the door for a host of rivals to the pancake for the familiar syrup’s affections. Sprinkling the flakes over ice cream or oatmeal, or spreading the curd over a toasted bagel or croissant sounds too good for me to go on for much longer without having experienced it. The 2-inch blocks of solid maple syrup also sold, however, sound by far the most intriguing. The site suggests taking a microplane to a cube to produce a fine maple powder one can put to any number of delicious uses. Oh, Canada…

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Kitchen Keeps On Rollin’

The flix Live is a chef-designed portable kitchen with an eye-pleasing wood-and-glass aesthetic and a footprint no larger than your average bar stool. Equipped with a remarkable array of space-conscious features, there’s more to this compact kitchen than one might suspect on first glance. With it you get cutlery drawers, a digital scale, no fewer than five electrical outlets, a prep station/cutting surface, an electric burner, and even a charcoal grill with cabinet space underneath (officially making it more connected and versatile than my first apartment’s kitchen.) It definitely seems worth checking out if you’re concerned with maximizing square footage wherever the wind may carry you (and your appetite for cooking your own meals.)

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Photo credit: Food Republic
Photo credit: Food Republic

Food Republic’s SoBe Wine/Food Fest Tickets Giveaway

Food Republic is offering vigilant souls an opportunity to eat and drink in the sun. The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is coming to South Beach, Florida from February 21st to 24th, 2013, and Food Republic is giving away tickets next week. Follow @FoodRepublic on Twitter to catch the giveaway tweets and you could be a lucky winner attending festival events like the Swine & Wine, the Burger Bash, and a new fried chicken and champagne fete dubbed the Chicken Coupe. With event names featuring alliteration and rhyming, and rubbing elbows with myriad food celebrities while eating fantastic food on the beach, one would be silly not to enter, right?.

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The Ramen Noodle Equation

In his new film series “A Culinary Equation,” filmmaker Christian Remde takes viewers inside Tatsu-Ya, a bustling ramen shop in Austin, Texas. There, chef-owners Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya “Tako” Matsumoto, and Director of Operations Shion Aikawa deconstruct the dish, explaining the subtleties of everything from achieving the perfect broth to slurping as a necessary art form. As for the equation itself, it is Broth + Noodles + Toppings ÷ Slurp = Ramen. Prepare to love math again, and to find yourself spontaneously hungry while doing it

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