Boston’s Food World Responds to Marathon Tragedy

It’s taken me two days to figure out what to post here following unthinkable events that occurred two days ago in Boston, Massachusetts. The bombing tragedy at the 2013 Boston Marathon was an act of cowardice for which no one has thus far claimed credit, one that resulted in three fatalities and more than 100 injuries on a day that should have been a happy occasion for marathon competitors, spectators, and Patriots’ Day celebrants. After drafting this post multiple times, I remain unable to find anything to say about Monday’s events that feels supportive enough, rallying enough, insightful enough to be shared.  Because sometimes there simply are no words to express what sadness one feels.

Given that this is such a time (at least for me,) rather than editorializing poorly and ineffectually, I’m writing today about how crucial it is when things happen in life that would otherwise test one’s faith in humanity, that acts of compassion and fellowship not be overlooked. Following the worst day Boston has seen in quite some time, the local food and restaurant industry mobilized. Immediately. If you’re in the Boston area and would like to help these great places help other people, GrubStreet Boston ran this list yesterday of area restaurants offering aid to victims and first responders. Also, has compiled a list of restaurants donating 10 to 25 percent of meal proceeds through the Greg Hill Foundation to marathon victims tonight.

Knowing tragedy to be an unavoidable part of living doesn’t necessarily make it easier to take when it strikes, particularly when the unconscionable comes by deliberate human design.  Knowing, however, that there will always be people who will rise to help and defend those in need, continues to work its restorative effect on my faith in mankind.

All love and support to Boston.

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