A Cheese Grater Business Card, A Drinkable Tea Calendar, Canada’s New Restaurant for Gamers, and the Film/Lit Cocktail Chart

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Photo credit: Foodbeast.com
Photo credit: Bon Vivant

Cheese Grater Business Card

So, in the almost 40 years that I’ve been kicking around this place and others, I’ve amassed a fair collection of business cards from various establishments with the expectation that having their info would facilitate my continued patronage. However, I’ve never once encountered a business card of such unmitigated awesomeness that I felt compelled to snag more than one, or been barred by store policy from doing so.  Having said that, I’ve never visited Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant, or had one of their cheese-grating business cards offered to me.  I might feel differently then, because these light metal graters printed with the store’s contact info double as functional cheese graters with the dimensions of a standard-sized business card.  The limited 1,000 produced by JWT ad agency proved so popular that bon Vivant was forced to limit the frequency with which customers could return to receive another one.  Hopefully there are more on the way, because Brazil is very near the top of my list of desired vacation destinations and when I arrive, my cheese ain’t gonna shred itself.

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Photo credit: Foodbeast.com
Photo credit: Foodbeast.com

The Tea Calendar You Can Drink

German tea manufacturer Hälssen & Lyon is out to make sure each new day is a good one for tea drinkers.  The product they’re using to accomplish this is a 365-day calendar made up of date-bearing tear-away tabs composed of pressed, dried tea leaves.  How it works is simple: you heat water for tea, then tear off the respective date, put it into your cup of hot water, and let it steep.  Minutes later, savor the flavor, fullness, and aroma of a brand new day.  Savor it!

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Photo credit: EXPbar.ca
Photo credit: EXPbar.ca

Canada’s Video Game Restaurant

Vancouver, British Columbia is the site of shiny new gamers’ food paradise, EXP Restaurant and Bar. Old schoolers will come for the Super Smash Nachos, and likely will stay for the Triforce Burger (branded with the mystical Legend of Zelda insignia) and for the general air of merriment one would rightly expect of an establishment boasting an extensive menu of drinks named after various Pokemon (and possibly for main course menu items bearing names like “Epic Shrimp and Crab Battle for Righteousness.”) Failing that, the large screen televisions positioned throughout the place for gamers to get their Goldeneye on tournament-style between bites should do the trick.

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Photo credit: Cool Material
Photo credit: Cool Material

The Cocktail Chart of Film and Literature

This one’s exactly what it sounds like: a chart of the forty-nine most iconic mixed drinks in all of literature and filmdom, with instructions on how to craft a perfect rendering of each one.  Removing the guesswork as you attempt to drink like your favorite fictional characters…that will free up all sorts of time you’ll be able to spend reading and watching your favorite films (and calling it mixology research.)

Via Cool Material

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