Pizza/Spaghetti Slushies, The Kobe Beef Jerky Kickstarter, The Chocolate Anus, and Drink Your Vegetables in Japanese Cabbage Wine

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Pizza/Spaghetti-Flavored Slushies

I won’t even try to account for the existence of these two products.  I’m just going to leave this video (depicting a slice of pizza and a pile of spaghetti with meat sauce, both of whom are sentient, cozying up to one another on a sofa) here and back away slowly.  Whatever amorous antics go down between them once the lights go out, we’ll simply leave to our nightmares the imagination.  Pleasant dreams, everybody.

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Photo credit: Kobe Red Jerky
Photo credit: Kobe Red Jerky

100% Kobe Beef Jerky

The Japanese cattle from whom we get the succulence that is Kobe beef are massaged daily and subsist on a diet that includes generous quantities of beer (no doubt an existence that many reading this would sign up for in a heartbeat, were it not for the events guaranteed to intervene on their reaching old age as happens with our cloven-hoofed friends.)  As delicious as these practices make the meat, the people behind the Kobe Red Beef Jerky Kickstarter project appear to have faith that even more can be done with it.  Judging by the more than 2,500 backers that have pledged their financial support in amounts from $2 to $100 and over, that faith is well-placed and is shared by many.  The project will be considered fully funded on June 13, 2013 (though it has far exceeded its target amount) so there’s still time to pledge your allegiance to tasty, tasty inebriated livestock.

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Photo credit:
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Chocolate Butt Holes

So,  okay. As you read this one, you must bear in mind that I never promised only to show you the pretty side of food and eating around the world.  Every now and again, I come across something most people would consider to be truly awful that is simply too mind-bendingly intriguing for me not to pass it along to you.  As such, I needn’t support or even necessarily like the idea of every single thing that I share news about on this site, anymore than a newspaper (at least any reputable one) should only publish stories of which it thinks its public will approve 100%.  But share I must when I find such things.  With that in mind, I chose to mention this one because whether you hate to love the idea or love to hate the idea, the thought of unwrapping a box of little chocolate anuses that I received as a gift tears me right down the middle between two sentiments, one being “Okay, you got me…this is pretty funny,” and the other being “EWWWW!!” So, now that you can’t unsee it or unknow that somewhere in the UK, boxes upon boxes of chewable anal sphincters exist for purchase courtesy of, discuss.

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Photo credit: RocketNews24
Photo credit: RocketNews24

Yamanashi Cabbage Wine

Truthfully, it’s only 60% composed of cabbage (the other 40%, rest assured,  is grapes.) In Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture (known as Japan’s wine country) is a town called Narusawa that is known for producing bountiful cabbage crops. From there, we get this off-dry wine that’s less than 13% alcohol, described as being deep yellow in color with a strong bouquet and “a noticeable hint of grassy cabbage, which makes the wine unique.”  The next time you’re in Yamanashi, a bottle of this rare libation can be yours for just for 1,300 yen (approximately $12.97 USD.)  Kanpai!

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