Free Coffee for Sleepyheads, Cricket-Rich Energy Bars, What Are WikiPearls?, and PB&J Pork Belly On a Stick

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Free Vending Machine Coffee When You Yawn

In South Africa, Douwe Egberts vending machines are just more empathetic, I guess.  Be seen yawning in the presence of one, and the thoughtful, facial recognition-equipped device will dispense you a free cup of eye-opening coffee.  If only these things gave out free hugs too, I’d be typing this from the seat of an airplane en route there right now.

Via Devour

Photo credit: Patrick Crowley
Photo credit: Patrick Crowley

Chapul Cricket Energy Bars

Already available in 75 independent retail sporting goods and health food stores, Chapul brand energy bars contain among natural ingredients like ginger, agave nectar, and dark chocolate, one that may give pause to many Americans: cricket flour.  While insect might be an unremarkable part of people’s daily diet in other cultures throughout the world, U.S. resident are still warming to the idea of insects as a food source. Chapul founder Patrick Crowley, who launched the enterprise last year, hopes that these protein-rich, environmentally-conscious edibles (dubbed “The Original Cricket Bar” on each bar’s packaging) will play a role in the aiding and acceleration of that warming.

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Photo credit: Foodbeast
Photo credit: Foodbeast

Sure, initial credit for the concept of things that melt not in-hand but in-mouth might go to another sweetsmaker (you know the one,) but that doesn’t steal one bit of cool factor away from these little gems currently being served at Wikibar in Paris, France. Ice cream balls in chocolate, vanilla, and mango flavors get encased in edible membranes tasting of hazelnut, peanut, and coconut respectively. I am encased in savage, unsatisfiable want.

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Photo credit: Zagat
Photo credit: Zagat

Supper’s New Summer Menu: PB PB&J Skewers
Supper restaurant is located on South Street in Philadelphia.  Its chef/co-owner Mitch Prensky recently added intrigue and a glimmer of nostalgia to its new summer menu in the form of these flavorful-sounding bites.  From personal experience, I can tell you that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eating food off sticks certainly are two of my fondest remembrances of childhood eating.  Consider me beguiled, Chef Prensky, by this prospect of, for one brief moment in a sometimes exasperating adult world, being a kid again.

Via Zagat

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