Product Review: Chai Diaries Organic Masala Chai

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

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Chai Diaries Organic Masala Chai was a pleasant sampling encounter made more pleasant by the fact that Masala chai is among my favorite tea varieties.  Strong vanilla and ginger notes dominate the aromatics of the loose leaf sachets sent to me, marking an auspicious introduction to this manufacturer.  Upon brewing the tea, I found that the vanilla and ginger aromas endure, joined by pronounced cinnamon notes.

Adding a splash of hot milk and a little sugar to the brewed tea, one of multiple ways that chai may be enjoyed, rounded the sharper edges that are present when the tea is taken without them.  This Indian black tea counts organic ginger root, organic green cardamom, and organic cinnamon chips among its ingredients, and their collaboration results in a lively, spicy beverage with a pleasing, layered character.

A certified organic product, this tea delivers with enthusiasm on bold flavor and aromatics, as well as ease of preparation. Its combination of vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon calls to mind the comforts of a weekend breakfast brew or the gratification of a rich dessert course taken at leisure.  This makes Chai Diaries Organic Masala Chai a suitable and refreshing sip either first thing in the morning as one prepares to greet the day, or after dinner as one recaps it, as well as anytime in between.

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