And Now, A Lesson in Pairing Craft Beer With Food

Like many people reading this, the occasions on which I’ve enjoyed a glass of good craft beer are too numerous to be counted. On some of those occasions, I’ve taken them with a bite of food (typically something savory and at least partially fried.) In every case, however, my menu selection was chosen more because it seemed prudent to put something besides copious amounts of alcohol in my stomach, than because I knew the dish  represented an expert pairing with my chosen beer.  In all honesty, while I’ve achieved a comfortable familiarity with the pairing of food and wine, I cannot say the same of my knowledge of how to pair various foods with various beers.  Luckily, there’s help for my lack of expertise in that regard.

Image credit: Kendall College Hospitality Program

The Kendall College Hospitality Program has created an infographic for people like me and others who enjoy craft brews but perhaps haven’t taken the opportunity to learn about them. The suggested food pairings pictured show us how best to experience different beers alongside a range of edibles. Some surprising craft beer statistical information is presented as well. My thanks to Kendall College for this eye-catching find which I’ll surely reference the next time I dine out. Click the image above to view the full-size infographic.

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