Charitable Wines, Instagram Photo Marshmallows, Doughnut Chips (Because Why Not?), and TV/Internet You’ll Soon Taste

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Philanthropic Wines

With Thanksgiving 2013 officially behind us, the season’s first magnum opus to gluttony gastronomy-focused holiday has come and gone. People’s thoughts typically turn now to Black Friday sales and, one hopes, to giving. For people like me, who enjoy pouring the occasional glass or three of wine into their faces, Eatocracy has compiled a sampling of wineries that donate a portion of their sales to charitable organizations. The wine list, populated generously by reds, whites, and sparkling styles, is said to be growing. If ever there was a reason to raise a glass, and if ever there was a time of year well-suited to doing so, then the stars appear to be very much in alignment right about now. Could be a good time to consider bringing a glass of wine from one of these fine establishments into alignment with your face hole.

Via Eatocracy

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Marshtagrams? Instamallows?

I can’t say I’ve ever taken a photo of any person, place, or thing and later wanted to smoosh the snapshots between graham crackers and squares of chocolate. Or submerge it in cups of hot cocoa. Or skewer it for roasting over an open fire. But perhaps I’ve just lacked vision all these years. Because having now heard of the idea and had time to contemplate it, I can see how having the option to imprint one’s Instagram photos onto marshmallow cubes, a service currently offered by Boomf, could be attractive to some, particularly those with a mind toward theme events or promotional items. I have to think, too, that if the first “Ghostbusters” movie were being made in this age, it would be quite the missed opportunity not to have Mister Stay Puft covered in product placement photo “tattoos”…

Via Thrillist

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Image credit: PopSugar Food

Yes, Donut Chips

To paraphrase a certain potato chip manufacturer’s slogan from years ago, I’d wager that samplers of this food item will fail to constrain themselves from only consuming one. Pastry purists might (rightfully) argue that the doughnut doesn’t need to, and quite possibly cannot, be improved upon. They might say that it’s perfect as it is: a widely customizable, easily-transported dessert that fits as easily into the mouth as into the hand without requiring any utensils to be enjoyed to its fullest potential. Upon hearing this, others will respond that the variation appearing in the PopSugar video linked below not only deserves a place in this world and should have had it sooner, but that in fact, its simultaneous crispy and chewy goodness needs to exist, because shut up. Who can say which argument is the more insightful? I’d weigh in, but I’m too busy right now comparing panini press design specs.

Via PopSugar Food

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Image credit: Nimesha Ranasinghe

Tasteful Television

Let’s hope this technology will be restricted to websites focused on food and drink only. I can think of more than a few interest categories in which its usage would pose an invitation to catastrophic experiences that one can neither un-smell nor un-taste (I’m looking at you, “adult film” industry websites.) National University of Singapore scientists are working toward a “Digital Taste Interface” that would enable a viewer to “taste” whatever food images appear on one’s TV screen or computer monitor. The device will use electrodes to stimulate the taste buds, producing a combination of sweet, salty, bitter, and sour sensations on the tongue that will correspond to whatever food is being displayed. So complete will be the illusion, that it is expected the viewer will be able to perceive food aromas as well as flavors. I’m sure there are legions of food programming viewers that don’t need any additional reasons to tune in whenever Nigella or Tyler invite us into their kitchens to watch them cook ably while laboring beneath the weight of all that gorgeous. Regardless, they’ll soon have one.

Via Devour

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