Japan’s One-Touch Miso Soup Maker, Beirut’s Seven-Course Pizza, India’s “Tough Guy Burgers,” and a Wine/Veggie Pairing Infographic

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Marukome
Image credit: Marukome

The One-Touch Miso Machine

“Marukome’s One Shot” might sound like the title of an upcoming Miyazaki film, but it’s something likely to generate even more excitement (stated as a longtime Miyazaki fan).  The “One Shot” is an instant single-serving machine designed to dispense bowls of steaming miso soup.  Capable of producing up to 75 bowls  of this tasty Japanese breakfast staple from a single package, and allowing one to tailor the flavor strength to one’s personal preference, these machines will be available in Japan by the end of this month, selling for 9800 yen (about $94 USD).

Via RocketNews24

Marc Kharrat / Foodbeast
Marc Kharrat / Foodbeast

The Patriot Full-Course Meal Pizza

From one end to the other, this behemoth created by Al Saniour, a restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon, is topped with Za’atar, Jibneh (cheese) w/ Pepperoni, Kishk (a mixture of cracked wheat fermented with yogurt), Sojouk (ground meat and spices fed into a sausage casing and dried), Shanklish (cow’s milk or sheep milk cheese generally topped with finely-chopped tomato, onion, and olive oil ), Jibneh, and a chocolate spread/mozzarella cheese blend. A food beast, indeed.

Via Foodbeast

Image credit: Dunkin Donuts India
Image credit: Dunkin’ Donuts India

Dunkin’ Donuts India’s Badass Burgers

Two new food ideas made their recent debut on Dunkin’ Donuts menus in India.  With a mind toward projecting an appropriately masculine eating experience, the ‘Tough Guy Burgers” (one chicken sandwich and one vegetarian option that substitutes a yam patty for meat) are marketed with manly sounding descriptors for their respective ingredients.  So your Tough Guy Chicken Burger doesn’t simply come on a bagel bun with a Mexican chorizo-chicken patty and mustard sauce. No, sir.  That’s a rugged bagel bun, with chunky and spicy Mexican chorizo chicken and fiery mustard sauce. The Tough Guy Veg Burger, with its rugged bagel bun and rough country salad tossed in Chipotle sauce doesn’t give up any guy points for being vegetarian, either.  May all comers be man enough to conquer these titans.

Via Devour

Image credit: Food Republic
Image credit: Mike Houston / Food Republic

Wine/Veggie Pairing By Food Republic

Anyone who’s ever wondered what wine to serve with a Meatless Monday meal will appreciate this.  Food Republic recently shared a detailed color infographic listing wine and vegetable pairings for every occasion. From what to drink with the likes of beets or dark, leafy greens (aromatic white wines like Riesling or Albariño) to what best accompanies fruits like plums, oranges, and berries (Sweet fortified wines. Port, for example) the list covers a great deal of options, even including several options for the best things to eat with Japanese sake.  No more time spent searching for this information means more time I can spent drinking, which is the best possible outcome for a wine-and-anything pairing as far as I’m concerned.

Via Food Republic

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