The Modern Man’s Pantry

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What do award-winning bison jerky from the Montana foothills and hand-harvested Alaskan birch syrup have in common? Both are available from (The Modern Man’s Pantry.) is a Food-Of-The-Month club with a focus on American artisan foods.

mantry1Based in New York City, the food start-up offers three- and six-month subscriptions, and will ship for free on orders of $100 or more. With Valentine’s Day coming next week, here lie some great gift-giving opportunities when it comes to the foodie fella in your life. mantry3Nothing say “I love you” like a selection of top quality edibles that arrives in a handsome wooden crate (one that, like its contents, is handmade in America.)  Valentine’s Day delivery is still an option, provided one orders no later than February 10th, 2014. So get those orders in while there’s still time and put some good food, as well as a smile, on his lips.

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