Feel Small Again at Peru McDonald’s, Portland’s Bone Marrow Ice Cream, Death By Pizza in the U.K., and Enjoy a $284K Dinner on a Submarine

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Design Taxi
Image credit: Design Taxi

Reclaim Your Youth at Lima McDonald’s

Once most of us pass a certain age, the desire to recapture some small portion of our childhood starts to set in.  A McDonald’s restaurant in Lima, Peru has taken this notion and run with it. Its ordering area is furnished with high counters intended to make adult customers feel child-sized. One orders by pointing at the menu. Colored balloons are handed out to adult patrons. Ah, to relive the good ol’ days of being too short and ill-equipped of verbal self-expression to function at the same level as everyone around me. On the other hand, balloons! So, y’know…take your pick. By pointing at it.

Via Foodbeast

Bone Marrow Smoked Bing Cherry Ice Cream

We have Portland farm-to-cone ice cream shop Salt & Straw to thank for this ice cream called Bone Marrow With Smoked Bing Cherries.  Its flavor marries the buttery richness of bone marrow with the refined sweetness of bourbon-smoked bing cherries.  I trust no further explanation is needed for why I’d be typing this with a mouthful of it right now, if I lived close enough. Video courtesy of FoodFarmerEarth.

Via Devour

Image credit: Little Italy Pizza Co.
Image credit: Little Italy Pizza Co.

Death By World’s Hottest Pizza

It made a man’s tongue bleed. It comes with a health advisory and can induce hallucinations. Its Scoville unit count is said to fall in the millions. It is made with Trinidadian Moruga scorpion chillies, so hot they are said to have caused heart attacks. The talk-up (list of caveats?) surrounding this dish goes on and on.  The Little Italy Pizza Company in Sleaford, England is currently offering up a monetary prize to anyone who can finish its 12-inch “Death By Pizza” pie in 30 minutes or less with no more than one pint of accompanying beverage. This pizza is the baby of LIPC owner, James Broderick, and as of the writing of this column, has seen only two contenders meet its challenge successfully. Here’s hoping this admittedly curious culinary wonder does not live up to its name.

Via Los Angeles Times Food

Image credit: HiConsumption.com
Image credit: HiConsumption.com

We All Live In A Gourmet Submarine

Who says the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to?  For a paltry $284,000 USD, U.K.-based luxury getaway company Oliver’s Travels is offering a unique dining experience to couples: a gourmet meal aboard a submarine.  A dinner includes caviar, oysters, and chocolate fondant can be enjoyed beneath the waves while exploring and watching ocean life.  Mood lighting, gorgeous accommodations, and the customer’s freedom to pick the location of the dive make this a Valentine’s Day slam dunk, provided one has $284,000 just burning a hole in one’s pocket. Ah, money.

Via HiConsumption.com

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