Austin Whole Foods Market Now Offers $0.99 “Walkin’ Around Beer”

Image credit: Reddit / Beeslo
Image credit: Reddit / Beeslo

Every once in a while, a news item comes along that despite being interesting, doesn’t make it into one of our Friday Fourplay columns for one reason or another (chief among these is that “Friday Fiveplay” just doesn’t dive off the tongue and triple-gainer its way into the ear the way “Fourplay” does. Also, no double entendre, so it’s automatically less fun.)  This is such an item. As I encounter more such tidbits, ones that didn’t make the Friday cut, but are nonetheless compelling in some way, I will share.  because Flavorful World loves you and wants you to have nice things.

A recent Thrillist article reported on a picture taken at a Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas by Reddit user Beeslo.  The Austin Whole Foods market offers shoppers the option of enjoying a can of frothy alcoholic bliss while they navigate the aisles. Dubbed “Walkin’ Around Beer,” each canned  brews will set an interested party back a cool 99 cents.

Given that this stands to make grocery shopping tolerable for some, and to make an already enjoyable experience even more enjoyable for others, I can’t help hoping this idea catches on (and that shoppers partaking in beverages of the alcoholic “Walkin’ Around” variety will travel with designated drivers if need be.  I have to think those organics veggies and free-range meats will taste better if you make it home from the store in one piece.)

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