Product Review: Tejava Premium Iced Tea

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Tejava Premium Iced Tea is an unsweetened black tea that’s hand-picked and microbrewed using tea leaves from the Indonesian island of Java. An all-natural, certified Kosher product, it has won first place in the North American Tea Championship for three consecutive years. As a product reviewer, and even more so as a tea aficionado, it was my recent pleasure to receive a sample of Tejava.

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An overnight refrigeration found the product ready to be sampled at an appropriate temperature the following day. On opening a bottle, I found the tea’s aroma to be clean and light, with faint suggestions of fresh cocoa powder. Describing the distinctive flavor of black tea is something I’ll admit to having struggled with in the past, but I will say that this full-bodied brew is characterized by a sharpness that, though pronounced, stops short of being bitter. Hints of pepper and smoke underlie its more expressive woody notes. These work to create a complex tasting experience that leaves the palate refreshed and desiring more, which perhaps is the best compliment to be paid to a beverage.

Tejava Premium Iced Tea is a refreshing RTD (ready-to-drink) product likely to be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the taste of iced black tea. After a workout, at a backyard barbecue, or as a healthy anytime slaker of thirst, it’s a pure-tasting option with a reputation for award-winning quality.

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