Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Fish-Egg Stuffed Crust, Japan’s Edible Nori Cups, Philly’s Chocolate-Covered Onions, and Canada’s Weed Pizza

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Roe Stuffed Pizza Crust

Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s “Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese” is a limited edition affair. Its crust stuffed with salmon roe cream cheese, the pizza is available with “seafood deluxe” (crayfish, clams, scallops, shrimp and more) or “meat lover’s” (pepperoni, sausage, and oddly, peaches and pomelo, among other things) topping options. Fish and fruit might not immediately spring to mind when most of us are contemplating foods with which to smother our pizzas, but for better or worse, Pizza Hut Hong Kong officially has my attention. [YouTube video courtesy of Pizza Hut HK]

Via GrubStreet

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Nori Food Wrapper Cups

Imagine cupcake wrappers made not out of wax paper or foil, but out of edible seaweed, or nori. Though nori is not new by any means, this product got included here because it pulls off an interesting hat trick for being fun, healthy, and environmentally-responsible (fewer discarded food wrappers to clog landfills.) A single package gives you 56 cups of varying sizes and shapes, and as you’ll see upon clicking the RocketNews24 link below, the filling possibilities are endless. If ever a set of cups was tailor-made to “runneth over” (as in, with delicious food,) then here it is.

Via RocketNews24

Image credit: Chocolate By Mueller
Image credit: Chocolate By Mueller

Chocolate-Covered Onions

I was sure this one had to be an April Fool’s Day joke. I was sure of it. I mean, the story posted on April 1st. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that such a story, running on April Fool’s Day, was being posted as a lark. But apparently, this exists and has for some time, and we have Chocolate By Mueller to thank for it. I have to wonder for what purpose these tourist “cult favorites” have historically been purchased, since most flavor impressions I’ve read from people claiming to have tried them has been negative. My next trip to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market where they are sold will have to include further investigation of these chocolate-dipped oddities. Until then, I’m doing my best to reserve judgment.

Via Food Republic

Image credit: Mega iLL Pizza
Image credit: Mega iLL Pizza

Vancouver, B.C.’s Pot (Pizza Pies)

Mega iLL Pizza is a pizza restaurant and “vapor lounge” in Vancouver, British Columbia that includes cannabis-derived ingredients like THC-infused olive oil and whole wheat shelled hemp seed dough among the makings of its pies. Before you break into a chorus of “Age of Aquarius” however, it bears noting that these pizzas are for sale only to medical marijuana users age 18 and over. If ever a tastier way to takes one’s medicine has existed, I have yet to hear of it.

Via L.A. Times

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