Sandwich-Making From A to Z: Check Out Nick Chipman’s ‘Alphabet Sandwich’

Image credit: Nick Chipman /
Image credit: Nick Chipman /

This very minute, I could step outside my current location to find a tyrannosaurus engaged in battle with a giant alien robot and it would still be the second most mind-blowing thing I’ve witnessed today. Yes, talented creator Nick Chipman has engineered something that manages to take precedent even over extinction undone and advanced extraterrestrial war machinery, and he calls it the Alphabet Sandwich.

The Alphabet Sandwich comprises 26 ingredients, each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. That’s a culinary compilation that takes you on a journey, something I believe that food should do whenever possible. In this instance, the journey is one from ‘A’ for ‘avocado’ to ‘Z’ for ‘zucchini’ and its physical manifestation cuts quite the towering figure. I can’t possibly be alone in hoping Nick has plans for an Alphabet Pizza in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Sandwich-Making From A to Z: Check Out Nick Chipman’s ‘Alphabet Sandwich’

    • April 9, 2014 at 4:17 PM

      Hi. Thanks for your comment! Yes, that sandwich is quite a sight. I really want to see an Alphabet Pizza now (with all different ingredients, naturally)

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