Japan’s 3D Ice Cubes, South Africa’s Portable Food Photography Studio, Taiwan’s Sex-Themed Restaurant, and Illinois’s Jellybean-Flavored Milk

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Cube-Shaped Ice = So Passé

A collaboration is under way between Japanese brewery Suntory and Japanese ad agency TBWA\Hakuhodo.  The result? The world’s first 3-dimensional ice cubes (for those reading this and thinking “Wait a minute! Ice cubes are already three dimensional! That they are ‘cubes’ pretty much guarantees this. How special can these ‘3D’ ice cubes be?” Well, you’re right but you’re also wrong. Just watch the video. Any further explanation I attempt would only consume your valuable time, which is far better spent watching the above video. Watch. Marvel. Repeat. [YouTube video courtesy of Suntory threedontherocks.]

Via BuzzFeed Food

Porta-Studio For Instagramming Foodie Pics

As if diners snapping foodie photos during meals didn’t provide restaurant chefs a sufficient source of irritation, South Africa’s MWEB WiFi network has given us the DinnerCam. The placemat-sized photo station, currently undergoing a test phase at El burro restaurant in Cape Town, will allow people to take pictures of their eats and immediately upload the hashtagged images in exchange for free prints of their food. It’s not yet available stateside, and I’m no more willing to hold my breath for its release here than I am for American restaurant chefs and managers being fine with people setting up a sophisticated photo studio right on the table.  But I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll follow this as it develops. [YouTube video courtesy of MWEB.]

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Image credit: 7DeadlyMag.com
Image credit: 7DeadlyMag.com

Funny Sexy Food

Can’t in good conscience recommend it as a first date locale. Sure, hilarity has the potential to ensue in an establishment where ice cream desserts get shaped into phalluses and the crockware you eat out of is shaped like a woman’s breasts. But you and your date would really, really need to be on the same page beforehand about what to expect. At Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s Funny Sex, carnal pleasure is the theme, extending from the suggestive visual representation  of the food to the leather restraints and blow-up dolls and statues engaged in various coital pursuits that are placed throughout the room. As entertaining as it all sounds (before one even broaches the subject of the quality of the menu), I think I’d have to have been dating a woman for quite a while before suggesting this place.  Still, at least the theme isn’t toilets

Via 7Deadly Mag

Image credit: Devour
Image credit: Devour

Jellybean-Flavored Milk (’cause EASTER!)

Let’s end with something a bit more wholesome…

Carlinville, Illinois-based Prairie Farms Dairy recently released a low-fat milk that tastes of jellybeans (Yes, I know jellybeans come in a remarkably wide variety of flavors, making a rather dubious claim of the whole “jellybean-flavored” thing. Just go with it this one time, all right?) Perhaps it did this so we’ll all have something tasty on hand this Sunday, when the Easter Bunny stops by, in case he cares to wet his whistle before continuing onward.  In any event, if you want a taste, better act fast: the dairy claims entire stock has already sold out and says stores that carry it are starting to run low, also. Miss out, and you’ll have to wait ’til next Easter season, and that’s a long time to wait for a glass of seasonal candy.

Via Devour

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