Product Review: Body Works Shots by RelaxZen

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

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Body Works shots is distributed by award-winning company RelaxZen Life, LLC. Its formulations are rich with amino acids, vitamins, and herbal ingredients, said to be overseen by a staff of advising doctors and fitness experts. Body Works contains zero calories and is available in “Relax and Unwind,” “Energy,” “Perform Under Pressure,” “Wellness,” “Sport,” and “Sleep” formulas.

The shots are pleasant-tasting, offering to the palate a range of indistinct berry flavors differentiated by varying degrees of welcome tartness. The product’s 2.5 oz. serving size means a shot can be taken quickly or on-the-go, a welcome contrast to other energy beverages that require one to throw back 16 or more ounces of caffeinated liquid in order to enjoy their benefits. The Body Works product line tailors a gamut of boosters that for the most part performed adequately to very well.

While shots such as “Sport” and “Relax and Unwind” returned results that seemed only slightly above average or even somewhat dubious, the experience of sampling them and their effects was far from unpleasant. The former part of this I attribute to the fact that quantifying the degree to which one doesn’t feel a certain way (stressed, fatigued, or nervous, for example) can be challenging. That is, when attempting to measure how quickly these troubled states faded after I consumed the shot against how quickly I might have gotten over them unaided, I found the most difficulty with being able to attest to these two having had a notable effect.

The best performers of the six samples received were far and away the “Sleep” and “Energy” shots. Within twenty minutes of drinking “Sleep,” my eyelids started to feel weighted, and the night’s slumber that followed soon afterward was deep and restful. The “Energy” shot succeeded in helping me to feel awake and alert without feeling wired or jittery, as is often the case with similar products, and its benefits lasted for several hours. “Perform Under Pressure” is deserving of praise as well. Having taken this one before an important exam I’d spent weeks obsessing over, I was pleased to find that I felt more focused and my thoughts more organized during the test (and for what it’s worth, I passed the exam with honors.)

While some of the products outperformed others in my opinion, this product line has merits worth exploring by anyone interested in supplementing a healthy lifestyle with pleasant-tasting, long-lasting wellness boosters.

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  • June 11, 2015 at 2:01 AM

    I totally agree, this product really works! I use the “Energy shot” drink and have experienced such a tremendous burst of energy and alertness that I haven’t felt in years!! I highly recommend this product for anyone having difficulty staying awake and focused throughout the day!! Two thumbs up!!

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