The Teacarina, Wasabi Beer, Edible Business Cards, and 7 Solid Tequila Options For Cinco de Mayo

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

The Teacarina

The Teacarina is a combination teacup and ocarina that allows one to make beautiful music between sips. Factor in the abundance of spoons and water goblets, also playable as musical instruments in skilled hands, at any proper tea social, and every such event threatens to explode into a full-on jam session. Tea goes with jam (and bread), right? Anyway, Mother’s Day is coming, and as far as gift-giving originality goes, it’s hard to imagine this item not being a coveted conversational focus of any gathering at which it is present.

Via STL Ocarina

Image credit: Dogfish Head
Image credit: Dogfish Head

Wasabi Beer

The latest entry in Dogfish Head brewery’s Music Series is an IPA flavored with wasabi and a hint of Louisiana red rice. Named Rosabi, each bottle in this limited edition 1,000 case run comes accompanied by a 10-inch disc featuring tunes by musician Julianna Barwick that incorporate sounds from the brewery into the melodies. Without a doubt, this news will be music to someone’s stomach.

Via Thrillist

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Edible Business Cards

These are available for carnivores as well as vegetarians. In the future, perhaps the most memorable business cards, as well as wedding invitations, “Thank You” notes, and more, will be made out of dried meat (if you’re feeling jerky) or coca leaf (if you’re not.) Those in the know can get a jump-start on that kind of fabulousness today with laser-etched offerings from and anti-altitude sickness cards courtesy of Kokopelli Backpackers Hostel situated over 11,000 feet above sea level in Cuzco, Peru. Chew on that.


Image credit: Cool Material
Image credit: Cool Material

7 Cinco de Mayo Tequilas

Cinco de Mayo is this Monday, and as of this writing, whole cities all over the world have already started the party. Lending a hand to those social drinkers who might want to get in on the festivities, but perhaps are unsure of what to select by way of libations, Cool Material has posted a list of “7 Tequilas to Drink on Cinco de Mayo.” I’d call this required reading for people looking to do this weekend (and next Monday, for those who won’t have to go to work and thus can imbibe with impunity) the right way.

Via Cool Material

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