Austin’s Gummy Bear Sausage, A French-Designed Restaurant’s Walls Grow Fresh Produce, Bugatti’s $1,000 Glass Toaster, and SoCal’s Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Gummy Bear Bratwurst at Banger’s

Aptly-named Austin, Texas sausage house Banger’s serves over 30 kinds of sausage. Among its odder offerings is a savory-sweet bratwurst that contains gummy bears. Served on a bun with caramelized onions and spicy mustard, it recently garnered the attention of Zagat editors Maureen Giannone and James Mulcahy who turned up for a taste. They react as one might expect, but it’s still worth seeing if you’re in the mood to smile. [Video courtesy of]


Image credit: Devour
Image credit: Devour

There Will Be Wall-Grown Veggies

At the Expo Milano 2015, a team of French architects will unveil their design for an eatery featuring interior latticework in which fruits and vegetables can be grown. Because backyard gardens are for the unimaginative, I suppose. Or maybe because the sophisticated hydroponic system enabling the produce to grow, coupled with the arrangement of architectural elements is quite revolutionary.  Who can say? Either way, a clever concept that I hope catches on.

Via Devour

Image credit: Foodbeast
Image credit: Foodbeast

Bugatti’s  Glass Toaster

Submitted for your approval: a glass-and-chrome toaster that in addition to putting some scorch on your morning bagel, is said to be equally adept at cooking meat and seafood.  The appliance, named the “Bugatti Noun” is controlled by smartphone app designed to transmit the proper cooking time and temperature for your chosen recipe to the device was demonstrated at the EuroCocina trade exhibition in Milan, Italy, and can be yours for a cool $1,000. Or perhaps a lightly toasted $1,000. This appliance lets you do you.

Via Foodbeast

Image credit: Andy Kryza / Thrillist Nation
Image credit: Andy Kryza / Thrillist Nation

Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers

This beer is an updated version of Stone Brewery’s award-winning Smoked Porter. Because if variety is the spice of life, then peppers of the chipotle spice variety are the. . . um. . .I mean, then spice. . .is the. . .chipotle peppers of variety.  Wait, peppery beer is the life of. . .Okay, fine.  I admit I forgot where I was going with that.  Anyway, Andy Kryza of Thrillist Nation recently wrote about his tasting experience with this one, and after reading it, I want to try this porter even more now than I did on first hearing. Something about the phrase “and now I’ve got the fire in my chest” just speaks to me.

Via Thrillist Nation

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