Product Review: Teeccino Herbal Coffee

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Image credit: Anthony Beal
Image credit: Anthony Beal

The increasing variety of gluten-free products on the market continues to fascinate me. Although I  suffer no adverse effects from ingesting it, I seem to discover on a regular basis some food item’s newest version from which gluten has been removed (often without my realizing until that moment that it had ever contained gluten at all.) Likewise, whenever I convince myself that I am beyond surprising with regard to coffee-related innovation, I seem to stumble across some new (to me, at least) rendition that belies that notion. In Teeccino Herbal Coffee, I encountered both of these curiosities and the experience was educational, as the best food and drink experiences tend to be. That Teeccino coffee is also free of caffeine as well as being herbal in origin interested me right away when I was approached for a review.

Billing itself “America’s #1 Coffee Alternative,” Teeccino is brewed from naturally caffeine-free sources, as opposed to having existing caffeine removed. These sources include herbs, nuts, fruits, and grains, all of which get ground and brewed to taste like more traditional brews that are derived from coffee beans.

I preferred the medium roasts, as these I found to be more palatable without the addition of milk, and needing only minimal sugar. A standout for me was the Dandelion Caramel Nut, an aromatic medium roast that delivered the promised caramel and nut flavors at the forefront, underlaid by the unexpected sweetness of dates and herbal notes. Teeccino’s Hazelnut medium roast would surprise me as well. Its roasted hazelnut flavor is less pronounced than I’d expected on first sip, but it builds quickly, bringing flavors of carob, chicory, and fig along for the ride.

Having sampled each coffee with and without sugar and milk, I found that these two benefited least from those additions. Their unaided flavor blends proved more than capable of providing an enjoyable drinking experience. Something else I liked about them is the convenience of their presentation: these along with several other Teeccino coffees come packaged as single-serve pouches (think teabags, filled not with tea leaves, but with herbal coffee) that an individual can use to brew one cup of this surprisingly good coffee alternative at a time.

Of the dark roasts received, I most enjoyed the French Roast, as the extra bit of roasting adds both body and flavor potency. The result is a more dynamic cup of herbal coffee, albeit one that I enjoyed with a bit of added sweetness and dairy, and one better suited to following a great meal than the medium roasts I’d sooner opt for throughout my day or evening. All in all, Teeccino is a pleasant-tasting product line that people like me who are seeking to reduce their caffeine intake, and those who have issues with gluten, can enjoy and explore without sacrificing their love of coffee.

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