China’s Steamed Rice Ex Machina, 3D Printing with Nutella in Canada, Ramen Fries Are Coming to Brooklyn, and Coffee Wine…In a Can

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week. 

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Steamed Rice Out of the Machine

A recent installation at The South China University of Technology is making waves (of grain). Throughout the campus there now exist vending machines that will dispense a serving of steamed rice to enjoy by itself, or presumably, along with whatever other accoutrements one has brought along to make a meal. May the tempura and tonkatsu vending machines not be far behind.

Via Devour

3d Printing Fun With Nutella

When the phrase “Universal paste extruder for desktop 3d printers” is uttered, what fanciful heart or mind doesn’t turn immediately to thoughts of using it to create three-dimensional artworks from Nutella? The Discov3ry Extruder has far surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, so your chances of owning that perfectly-rendered chocolate hazelnut Eiffel Tower you’ve been wanting is looking more and more like a slam dunk. [Video courtesy of Structur3d Printing]

Via The Star Online

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Ramen Fries, Just because

Keizo Shimamoto, creator of Tribeca’s Ramen Co. restaurant has fried noodles on his mind, but not the sort you’re used to. Ramen fries now exist, because there are those who seem determined to take ramen the oversaturated way of bacon, the doughnut, sriracha, and at least a few other food items that in the long run might benefit less from an ongoing parade of transformations and reinterpretations than from just going away for a while and allowing some of us time to miss and feel excitement toward them again. Maybe absence would act upon the stomach as it does the heart, and would in time cause the stomach to grow fonder. Or maybe I’m just crochety today. Discuss.

Via The Braiser

Image credit: Friends Fun Wine
Image credit: Friends Fun Wine

Coffee, Meet Wine; Wine, Coffee

Available in 15 states so far, a line of coffee-laced vino by Friends Fun Wine is boldly going where neither coffee nor wine has gone. Offering the adventurous sipper a choice of red (Cabernet Coffee Espresso all up in here) or white (Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino, y’all), this 6% ABV brew is selling for about $2.oo per can. And as the Thrillist article linked below has already pointed out, food pairing possibilities are about to get real.

Via Thrillist

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