Iceland’s Poop-Smoked Beer, Enjoy a J-Pop Idol’s Stiff Banana, A French Supermarket Fixes You Up With Its “Ugly” Veggies, and GoT Wine Is Coming

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Craig Rogers
Image credit: Craig Rogers

Poop-Smoked Beer

Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús recently engineered “a lightweight IPA with fresh citrus and hop notes,” which might hardly be newsworthy if not for the source of its other, heavier flavor notes. Fenrir Nr. 26 is made using malted barley that spends several hours smoking over Icelandic sheep dung. Oh, Iceland, you so crazy.

Via Eatocracy

Image credit: Izakaya Eguzairu
Image credit: Izakaya Eguzairu

Get Sticky Eating Takahiro’s Banana

Okay, I admit it: obvious sexually-loaded double entendre aside, I was flat-out dying to share this photo. Maybe this compulsion was driven by the second layer of duality presented by the condensed milk glaze streaking the thing. Or maybe who am I kidding it was totally the condensed milk glaze and the way it steadfastly defies one to think of anything but stuffing one’s mouth with things you’re more likely to encounter on Chatroulette than (one would hope) in an Odaiba B&G like Izakaya Eguzairu, where the item, a frozen chocolate dipped banana that one may drizzle with a viscous condensed milk before devouring it, is sold. Dreamed up by vocalist Takahiro of J-Pop group Exile, it is currently bringing all the girls to the yard just in time for the annual Fuji TV summer event Odaiba Shintairiku beginning on July 19th. And chances are, Takahiro’s is better than yours.

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Image credit: Intermarche
Image credit: Intermarché

Ugly Vegetables Need Love Too

French supermarket chain Intermarché wants you to give ugly peas (and carrots and potatoes and so on) a chance. Aiming to reduce the 300 million tons of food waste created by the amount of less photogenic vegetables going unpurchased and therefore discarded in supermarket produce sections, the enterprise has launched a print, video, and radio campaign on behalf of those “inglorious” fruits and vegetables with awesome personalities. Selling them for 30% cheaper than their more attractive brethren, Intermarché even offered up soup and juice recipes in which the deformed, but otherwise tasty produce with descriptors could be used.

Via Design Taxi

Image credit:
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Games of Wines

With a line of reds associated with houses that are headstrong and robust, and whites fashioned after the more cunning and mysterious houses, The Wines of Westeros are likely to be as anticipated as next year’s GoT premiere. Retailing for about $20 per bottle, and bearing names like The White Walker, The Targaryen, and many other referential titles, the wines will be on sale soon.

Via Buzzfeed Food

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