McDonald’s Singapore’s Chocolatey Ham & Hotcakes, A Fried-Whole-Chicken Cocktail Garnish, How to Boil Water (While Recharging Electronics), and Japan’s Boozy Shaved Ice

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Chocolate Sauce Is the New…Sauce

McDonald’s Singapore’s newest menu item is a pretty standard breakfast of hotcakes and salty meat, until they add the drizzle of chocolate sauce that makes it newsworthy. As seen above, one can swap out the chocolate sauce for strawberry if one prefers the taste of fruit splashes to cocoa-based sweetness. It seems destined to be the kind of meal people will either love or revile, with little middle ground to be claimed. For me, the most disturbing aspect of the meal isn’t the addition of  sauces typically reserved for desserts (which, honestly, isn’t such a departure from the maple syrup more traditional eaters would pour) but rather the phrase “chicken ham” applied to the breakfast meat used in this dish. [Video courtesy of McDSG’s YouTube channel]

Via Devour

Image credit: Facebook: sobelmans
Image credit: Facebook: sobelmans

It’s A Bloody Beast, It Is

Not long ago, many of us, including yours truly, thought he’d seen fried chicken put to what seemed to be the single most unnecessary/awesome/absurd/inspired (select whichever adjective best expresses your position on the matter) usage of the modern era. Those of us who thought so, well we…

We, uh…we might have been wrong.

There’s a bar in Milwaukee called Sobelman’s Pub and Grill, that is garnishing pitcher-sized Bloody Mary cocktails with multitudinous garnishes, among which is an entire fried chicken. The “Chicken Fried Bloody Beast,” apart from sounding initially offputting in this writer’s humble opinion, is nonetheless raising eyebrows and has got people talking. Speaking only for my own tastes, I like my beasts dead. Not bloody, not bleeding. Dead. At any rate, it makes the fried chicken prom corsage seem ever so slightly less ludicrous, no?

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Image credit: Design Taxi
Image credit: Design Taxi

Portable Electronics Get Steamed

Ever lamented the unsubtle lack of more steampunk technology in these modern times? If you answered “yes,” it seems you have brethren. The Biolite KettleCharge is a recharging device designed to be used over a heat source like your stovetop or a hot plate. It recharges electronic devices while boiling water inside it, utilizing the energy created during the boiling process to juice up your tablets and smartphones. Judging it sheerly on ingenuity (and leaving to individual discretion such considerations as how crucial it is as a household item or whether its capability justifies its $149.00 price tag,) I’d say it certainly takes the technology taco, the multitasking muffaletta, or whatever alliterative food-themed expression of phrase you see fit to use. Plus, you’ll never go without hot water for tea with it around.

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Ice Gets Tipsy, Shaved

Available in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture, is a shaved ice dessert called Shiro Kuma, a variant on standard shaved ice and flavored syrup, which is served topped with fruit and covered with condensed milk. Now through August 11th, “Shiro Kuma for Adults” is a real and happening thing in Shinjuku. This product is available in two styles: Western, which tops your shaved ice dessert with a wine-infused gelatin, and Japanese, which utilizes the Japanese liquor shochu.  Though the Western style is more colorful, I’d be all about this dessert if I were there this weekend. If anyone is, and gets to try it, let us know what you thought of it.

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