OptiGrill Cooking Test Series – Second Batch: Turf

This past weekend, we continued in our series of tests designed to evaluate the T-fal OptiGrill’s capabilities. The order of the day was red meat and poultry (we did seafood last week and you can see how we fared with that here) and the device continues to produce promising results.

Juicy grilled chicken  tenderloin cooked to perfection.
Noble chicken tenderloins grilled to perfection. Tasty, juicy perfection.

We prepared white and dark meat chicken, achieving good results with both. The tenderloin received just a light seasoning of salt, black pepper, granulated garlic, and a bit of olive oil. The thighs pictured below bathed for 24 hours in a smoky mesquite marinade that contributed to the wonderful crispness of their outer edges and inner juiciness.

Mesquite marinated chicken thighs seducing buttered cut corn and roasted mini potatoes simultaneously.

We saved the steak for last because it seemed a perfect opportunity to try out the OptiGrill’s frozen food setting, which calibrates the grill to cook food directly from your freezer, skipping the thawing step.  The red meat, we found, cooked evenly and the seasoning rub of black pepper, garlic paste, and red wine that we applied really seared into its outer crust.

Steak grilled straight from the freezer, because that's how T-fal's OG rolls.
Steak grilled straight from the freezer, because that’s how T-fal’s OG rolls.

It retained its interior moisture quite well (nothing worse than dried-out, overcooked steak) and for not having gone into the freezer seasoned, came away from the OptiGrill with a good taste permeating it throughout. The only telltale sign of its having gone straight from freezer to grill was a slight chewiness that I believe mild tenderizing before freezing will mitigate easily enough. We’ll test that next.

So that’s it for this round of tests. Come back next Monday to see what we’re cooking up, and by all means, if you haven’t yet entered to win your own T-fal OptiGrill in our giveaway contest, you can do so here. We hope you will.

And don’t forget to swing by the T-fal OptiGrill’s Facebook page for more info on this impressive product available at Walmart.


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