OptiGrill Cooking Test Series – Fourth Batch: Fresh Produce


Busy weekend didn’t leave me as much time as I’d have liked for this round, but I managed to test the T-fal OptiGrill’s manual setting with some fresh produce. Cooking without benefits of pre-programmed status alerts and temperature settings, I still managed to grill some citrus fruit (lemons and limes), Fuji apples, sweet yams, and a large white onion to states of perfect doneness.

Having selected these for their varied textures, I was pleased with the results, as I was able to cook them for as long or short an interval as I chose. The grill remains easy to use and to clean (its grill plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe, and the items I chose not only heated evenly, but remained juicy.

Final analysis: The OptiGrill continues to exceed my expectations.

Our giveaway contest ends on 08/30/14, so you still have time to enter to win your very own T-fal OptiGrill. Unacquainted with the OptiGrill? Read all about it at http://optigrill.t-falusa.com/, check out its Facebook page, or find it at Walmart.

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