Drink Up, Port Lovers: September 10th is Port Wine Day

DouroToday in Portugal, wine lovers are enjoying the inaugural celebration of Port Wine Day.

Organized by Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, the festival pays tribute to the founding of the world’s first regulated demarcated wine region*, the Douro on September 10th, 1756, when Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro was born by royal decree of the Marques de Pombal.

Wine experts and producers, national and foreign journalists, and Port lovers from every corner of the world are expected at this first of what’s certain to become a much-anticipated annual event. Included among today’s scheduled events are a tasting of Vintage Port from the first decade of this century, a seminar on the ongoing evolution of food and wine pairings, guest speaker panels, and more.

So, port lovers far and wide: wherever you are in the world, lift a glass today and take part in the celebration. This is your day.

(* While it is true that geographical demarcation of the wine regions of Chianti in Tuscany and Tokaji in Hungary well predates that of the Douro—Tokaji in 1730 and Chianti in 1716—these regions were established without associated regulations, thus in the Douro was created the first appellation system inasmuch as it was the first wine region to establish extensive government control and regulations associated with its demarcation to legally define and establish it as a protected wine production region.)
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