China’s Smart Chopsticks Detect Food Impurities, Japan’s Ramen-Stuffed Donut, SoCal’s Funnel Cake Cupcakes, and a Tonic Giveaway from

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Baidu
Image credit: Baidu

Smart Chopsticks

China’s search powerhouse Baidu unveiled a new kind of eating utensil called Baidu Kuaisou at Baidu’s annual conference this week. The utensils, being called “smart chopsticks,” are capable of examining data on oil quality, temperature, calories, and even PH levels in the foods they touch, and detecting unsatisfactory contaminant levels, particularly the presence of “gutter oil” (oil dredged from the likes of garbage disposals and sewers to be processed and sold to restaurants and companies who in turn sell products bearing the stuff to consumers.) Ordinarily, I’d be more than mildly offended at the suggestion that an inanimate object was in any way smarter than me. But in this case, I’m happy to live in an age where such things can exist.

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Image credit: PR Times
Image credit: PR TImes

Oh, Ramen: What Can’t You Do?

It’s come to us in the form of burger buns. It’s cradled our taco fillings with something like love. It’s even hung with us and been all we needed it to be when we were jonesing for a twist on the classic lobster roll. Somewhere along the way some, including myself, started taking it for granted and ceased to marvel at its versatility. Then the Ramen Donut happened. Available until September 30th at select stores throughout Osaka and Tokyo, this fried, spicy-noodle-and-minced-meat-stuffed treat is the product of a contest created by Japan’s Eat-And corporation to solicit ideas for new food products. Having beat out 99 other entries, I think the ramen donut has earned, if not our immediate adulation, then at the very least, our respect. Stay gold, noble ramen donut. Stay gold…

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Image credit: My Delight on Facebook
Image credit: My Delight Cupcakery

Funnel (Cup)Cake Exists

Forgive the late announcement on this one, but we only just found out about it. Every Friday this month (“Funnel Cake Fridays,” if you will), Ontario-based cupcake haven My Delight is making available an intriguing product: a Funnel Cake Cupcake that looks like just what life has been lacking as of late. Get yours while you can, and tell us about it, if you do. Vicarious thrills are all we’re likely to get on this one.

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Fever-Tree’s Tonic Giveaway

Premium Tonic purveyor Fever-Tree is giving away a 6-pack of its all-natural mixers. One lucky winner will receive the set, which includes flavors like Bitter Lemon, Ginger Beer, and Tonic Water. Entries are being accepted until midnight PST September 18th, 2014, so interested parties should check out the contest details here and toss their highballs into the ring.



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