Cluck n’ Moo Burgers: 50% Beef, 50% Chicken, 100% Cool

cluckandmooWe’ll file this story under “PIHBBLAHIKETTE.” (Products I‘d Have Been Buying Long Ago Had I Known Earlier That They Existed”) Someone has created a line of half beef-half chicken burgers.

Cluck n’ Moo Burgers are the first and only half-chicken (50%) and half-beef (50%) burger patties to offer the same beef burger taste we carnivores all know and love without the unhealthy amounts of fat that come with it. Cluck n’ Moo’ s innovative “smashed burger” blend offers 52% less fat, 34% less calories and 57% less saturated fat than all-beef burgers, while maintaining all the juiciness. As if to prove that its creators really did think of everything, the product is also gluten-free, and created using hormone-free, humanely raised grass-fed chickens and cows.

At the end of August, ‘Cluck’ and ‘Moo’ (pictured right), the mascots behind the Cluck ‘n Moo company’s “Cluck ‘n Moo Burger,” accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge and in-turn, nominated other cartoon food mascots to do likewise in support of a good and charitable cause. Their nominees included Cartoon Network’s Foghorn Leghorn, Hamburger Helper’s Helper Glove, Bordon’s Elsie the Cow, and Chick-fil-A’s Eat Mor Chikin Cowz. Play the video below to watch the duo get soaked for a good cause and then call out their animated contemporaries.

[Video courtesy of Cluck n’ Moo’s YouTube channel]

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    Thanks so much to our friends over at Flavorful World and for writing about our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and helping us spread the word about ALS and how to donate. Check out the article here Flicks and Food post here: and be sure to check out to learn more about how you can get involved or donate!

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