Sous Vide Goes Wi-Fi, Pantone-Inspired Beer Cans, London’s Death Row-Themed Restaurant, and Whiskey-Brewed Coffee

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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The Nomiku Immersion Circulator

Not having done a great deal of sous vide cooking, I was surprised and impressed to learn of this device. Wi-fi equipped, not only does it allow one to control the device from any web-enabled machine (meaning you could initiate cooking without being home), but it also lets you download temperature and cooking time info to replicate your favorite recipes. Having recently met its Kickstarter goal, the company that makes this device, Nomiku, will soon begin taking orders.

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Beer Can Colors Tell Much

Spanish advertising agency Txaber has designed a line of beer cans aimed at making it easier for drinkers to distinguish between light and dark beers aided by the color of the can. Each can’s exterior shade matches the color of the beer it contains to its corresponding Pantone hue. This seems a great idea for inexperienced drinkers who might not know from a beer’s name/style what kind of drink they’re in for. The progression from there to choosing interior home colors by one’s beer preferences seems like a natural next step, right? Right?

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A Death Row Eatery

Rather than exhaust myself listing the scores of reasons that a restaurant emulating any part of the experience of being on death row is a questionable idea at best, I’ll let this blurb taken from the website belonging to Death Row Dinners speak on its own behalf: “On the night of your incarceration, you will join 80 fellow inmates and experience a night behind the bars of one of London’s toughest high security restaurants where our prison chefs serve up a 5 course feast of their culinary twists on some of death row’s most interesting and popular last dinners.”

Granted, it might not even unfold as planned, given the predictable, understandable reaction of soul-deep revulsion that greeted the notion upon its announcement. But stranger things have happened, and most certainly have been eaten.

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Coffee Up That Whiskey

Fliquor Bean is a brand of coffee beverage out of L.A. that is brewed with 90-proof whiskey instead of water, for those times in life when neither liquor nor coffee can soothe on their own. Currently produced in small batches that brew in 12 to 14 hours, the product has been hailed as a “magical cure for writer’s block” by Fliquor Bean founder Jerry DeFazio. This remains to be seen, though at the very least, its description leads me to think of it as a magical cure for sobriety, and isn’t that what’s really important in an alcoholic beverage?

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