September 19th, 2014 is Grenache Day, So Let it Flow

GrenacheDayToday is the 5th annual International Grenache Day, which means wine lovers around the world are celebrating all things Grenache with tastings, social media shout-outs and other related wine events. This wine holiday celebrated on the 3rd Friday of September each year in over 30 countries was established following the success of the International Grenache Symposium held in 2010.

Grenache wine grapes are known to produce full-bodied, high-alcohol wines with soft tannins and flavors of luscious raspberry and strawberry, spice, and faint white pepper. As the wine ages, these flavors tend to evolve and develop into notes of toffee and leather. Known by many names such as Garnacha in Spain where it originates, and Cannonau in Sardinia, the Grenache grape is also grown in France’s Southern Rhone region and in Southern Australia. Having achieved international acclaim for the concentrated, powerful wines it produces, Grenache is also a frequent key component of many world-class blended wines, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

So pull a cork today on your favorite Grenache-based wine, or find a local #GrenacheDay event and celebrate secure in the knowledge that, if only for today, you have brethren in every corner of the globe.

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