Germany Delivers Airline Food, London’s Human-Flavored Burgers, Japan’s Condom Cookbook, and a Chocolate Lovers’ Travel Guide

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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The (Human-Flavored) Meat of the Matter

On Tuesday, September 30th, A London pop-up restaurant will offer daring diners the chance to sample burgers made to taste like human flesh. Made using veal, pork, chicken livers, and bone marrow, the burgers were created to celebrate Season 5 of popular television series The Walking Dead, premiering on October 13th. The eatery’s location will be revealed via Twitter. Look for hashtag #terminustavern to learn where the burgers (whose creators crafted them after reading multiple cannibals’ accounts of what we all taste like) will be sold. I don’t mind admitting that as one who considers himself an adventurous eater, my curiosity is piqued. As one who prefers not to resemble his food in flavor or any other way,I can’t say I’d be excited to taste these.


Image credit: Air Food One
Image credit: Air Food One

Answer the  Door: It’s Airline Food

For the cost of about $12 per week, food delivery service Air Food One (pun intended, defended, and warmly befriended, thank you very much) will deliver airline meals to one’s doorstep. People my age or older will remember the days when receiving a hot meal on an airline flight was a routine affair. Subscribers can select classic or vegetarian options and once weekly, will receive a shipment of  unsold airline meals to enjoy. For the moment, this service is available only in Germany.

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Image credit: Spoon and Tomago
Image credit: Spoon and Tomago

Kore wa “Condom Meat Stuffing” nan desu ka?

With a name like “Condom Meals I Want to Make for You” it’s hard to imagine this new cookbook failing to net legions of new, food-enamored lovers for those who dare use it. If you’re (rightly) wondering how condoms best figure into a book of recipes, they get used in a variety of creative ways for storage and meal prep. Could we at last be staring down the barrel of a legitimate potential usage for flavored condoms? Will this cookbook and its implications usher in a new age of “Couples Cooking” mischief? I guess we gotta buy the book to find out.

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Image credit: Love Home Swap
Image credit: Love Home Swap

Chocolate for Globetrotters

The creative and hungry minds at Love Home Swap recently shared something sweet with the world by releasing a “Chocolate Lovers’ Travel Guide.” Pointing out the best “Must-Try” edibles and venues around the globe to indulge one’s lover for all things cacao,  the entire graphic (trust us, it’s pretty extensive; not only did they do their homework and ours too, but they really put the “Love” in “Love Home Swap”) can be viewed here.

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