5 Reasons to Check Out D.C. Wine Week This October 11th-18th

Image credit: DCWineWeek.com

October 11th-18th in Washington, D.C. is dedicated to the enjoyment of wine and to educating people about wine styles, production, and trends. Whether you’re a casual sipper or a seasoned connoisseur, a first-time attendee, or a regular presence, here are five excellent reasons to seek out and attend D.C. Wine Week events.

  1. You’ll be doing your part to support the D.C. area’s local wineries, wine shops, wine bars, restaurants, and wine merchants. They’ll be happy for your patronage, and you just might uncover a great new place to bring a date, enjoy a happy hour, or savor some great food and drink.
  2. Hosted themed DCWW events are scheduled throughout the week, including menus paired by wine professionals and special offers from participating local restaurants and bars. You can experience and explore the finer points of food and wine pairing, and gain new appreciation for various wine styles, all while taking advantage of awesome deals.
  3. You’re likely to learn something new about wine, whether it’s discovering a new varietal or vintage that really speaks to you, or re-discovering an old favorite. Learning can be fun. There’s no reason it can’t also be delicious with a long finish and hints of citrus and preserves.
  4. The opportunity to network with local wine experts and learn more about all that the D.C. area has to offer when it comes to wine. Clink glasses with knowledgeable people who share your passion for the nectar of the vine.
  5. If you drink too much (which you won’t, because you’re a responsible drinker and an even more responsible driver, and that’s just not how you roll), DCWW has partnered with DC Rideshare and Uber Taxi to offer fare discounts to DC Wine Week celebrants. To get the discount, just trot on over to uber.com/go and sign up for Uber. Once you’ve signed up, you can book your first ride, using promo code DCWINEWEEK14 to get up to $20 off each of your first two Uber rides.

Visit DCWineWeek.com for details on scheduled events, or follow on Twitter at @DCWineWeek for up-to-the-minute updates and announcements.

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