What Are the 5 Biggest Beer and Wine Markets Worldwide?

Image credit: Ruby Media Corporation

Learning and sharing new things about food and drink every day is a significant part of what makes me excited to blog about them. I learned recently, as one example, that the Czech Republic reigns as the world’s biggest beer consumer, with 235 liters drunk per person each year. As another, I learned that drinkers of Cannonau (Grenache, as it is referred to in Sardinia) red wine are said to be more likely to live to 100 years of age.

Image credit: Ruby Media Corporation

With Oktoberfest 2014 still going strong, information like this comes at a fitting time. A recent infographic designed for CompareCamp.com from which the above image is taken provides details on these two surprising claims along with several others comparing trends in global beer and wine sales and consumption. View the entire infographic here.

[Images: Ruby Media Corporation]

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