What Apple Variety Are You? Take the Quiz and Get Appletized






Did you know that October is National Apple Month? In celebration of that most delicious and versatile of fruits, the U.S. Apple Association (USApple) has launched the AppletizeMe.com personality quiz. A fun, interactive game, its purpose is to help people discover their true personalities while matching them with their ideal apple varieties, perfect food pairings, recipe ideas, and more.

Are you a Trendsetter? Cool, your apple is Honeycrisp. Or are you a Fitness Fanatic? Fuji apples should help you get healthy and stay that way. Might you be a Social Butterfly?  Gala apples are best for you. Maybe you’re a Type-A Planner? Then Golden Delicious apples belong at the top of your meticulously-organized list.

Individuals who visit www.AppletizeMe.com will find nine engaging quiz questions that foster introspection and probe the psyche, asking things like “What’s your dream job?,” “How do you like to spend your evenings?,” and—potentially the most telling question of all—“What’s your spirit animal?”

Upon finishing the quiz, respondents get matched to one of 18 personalities, such as Introvert, Intellectual, Hipster, Girly Girl or Manly Man, and each personality reveals his/her ideal apple variety. Besides examining the various aspects of one’s personality, the quiz  also recommends which foods pair best with their apples and shares helpful product information and research about apples’ health benefits, and simple preparation tips on select apple varieties.

In the interest of never asking my readers to do anything I’m not prepared to do myself, I took the quiz and was promptly informed that I am a “Soccer Parent” personality and my spirit apple (yes, that’s what I’m calling it)  is the Braeburn: Firm, with lots of sweetness and spice. Not a bad or altogether inaccurate assessment, in my opinion. I might be biased, though.

By taking the quiz and sharing your apple personality on social networks through Nov. 20, 2014 you can enter for weekly drawings to win Apple® Gift Cards valued up to $400. Get more details and check out the official rules here. Then head over to AppletizeMe.com and toss your hat into the ring to win a gift card (and maybe toss an apple into your face, because they’re delicious and good for you and it’s their month. We’re just living in it.)

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