Houston’s 3-in-1 Pie Cake, Superheroes Deliver Pizza, London’s Canned Fish Luxury Restaurant, and Australia’s Create-Your-Own Gourmet Burger McDonald’s

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Say It 3 Times Fast. Then Eat it

The PumPecApple is a three-tier cake whipped up by the confectionery anarchists of Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas. with one of three different kinds of pie (Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple) baked into each level. A dessert whose previous incarnation was known as a CherPumple (for utilizing Cherry, Pumpkin, and Apple pies), this one was new to me, but apparently has been around for years. Blasphemous as it may sound to dessert purists, the substitution of pecan pie for cherry makes this seem much more palatable to me (I can’t say I’ve ever much enjoyed cherry pie so much as I’ve tolerated it on occasion, but that’s more my hang-up than the pie’s.) While consciously ignoring any thought of how many calories are probably carried in a single forkload is the only way a person my age may truly enjoy such an eating experience, this dessert I’ve never tasted has nonetheless given me a gift that can’t be evaluated on the tongue: It’s sparked my imagination with regard to things to soon attempt in my own kitchen.

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Up in theSky! It’s the Pizza Signal!

Move along, Justice League. In Minnesota, Galactic Pizza is saving our planet one hot pizza delivery at a time. They’re doing this with organic ingredients used to make the pizzas they deliver to citizens’ doorsteps by electric car. Environmental consciousness + pizza delivered by caped, tights-wearing benefactors = ever-growing number of Minneapolis residents no doubt sleeping a bit easier these days (with bellies full of warm, delicious pizza). [Video courtesy of Zagat’s YouTube channel]

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Image credit: Paul Winch-Furness/Courtesy of Tincan
Image credit: Paul Winch-Furness/Courtesy of Tincan

Can That Tuna

A new Soho eatery (that’s London, England’s Soho, not NYC’s) has opened, and its aim is to lift gourmet-quality tinned fish out of relative obscurity and into the light. Lacking a kitchen, and only minimally-staffed, Tincan serves tinned fish from all over the world, with a great deal of it coming from Portugal and Spain. With an eye toward presentation, and touting tinned food’s greener eating options (no refrigeration needed, long shelf life, etc.) as well as the health benefits of fish, this restaurant’s tins go for between $10 and $30 per tin. Interested eaters should be aware, though: Tincan is a pop-up establishment, scheduled to be around for six months, after which its owners will assess their options. So there’s some time yet, but getting there sooner than later seems advisable of you want to see what it’s all about.

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McDonald’s Australia Goes Gourmet

Utilizing a touch screen that presents accoutrement options like  jalapeno, grilled pineapple, tortilla strips, tomato onion relish, and even how many patties to include, visitors to a Sydney McDonald’s can custom-build the gourmet burger of their dreams. The video above captures one customer’s experiences doing precisely that, and it looks destined to be the most fun any of us might ever have ordering food by touchpad. [Video courtesy of erfanau’s YouTube channel]

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