Holy Pop-Up and Sit Down! Tower Records in Tokyo Has a Batman Café!

Image credit : Fashion Press
Image credit : Fashion Press

In celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, Warner Brothers has opened a pop-up Batman-themed café inside Shibuya, Japan’s Tower Records building.

Eataku reports that menu items inspired by everyone’s favorite brooding caped crusader abound, along with merch and collectibles to satisfy those non-food-related hungers that the Dark Knight’s truest fans know all too well.

But alas, in a twist of fate cruel enough to have been engineered by the Joker, the establishment is only around until November 3rd. So anyone feeling that this is the restaurant we both need and deserve would be wise to plan a visit sooner than later. Knowing, as the saying goes, is half the battle. The other half, I can only assume is a combination of stealth, martial arts, and theatrical projectile weapons.

Anyway, get there, food-loving Bat-fans. Just don’t go wearing hockey pads; Batman frowns on that sort of thing.

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