Has Launched an Online Cooking School for Home Cooks


World’s largest digital food site recently announced the launch of the brand’s first-ever online Cooking School.

This new initiative is well-timed; now is when home chefs often seek to sharpen their skills, before the rush of family dinners and entertaining that accompanies the holiday season. The Allrecipes Cooking School pairs the expertise of Allrecipes’ knowledgeable cooking editors with support from Allrecipes’ expansive community to create a fun, interactive learning experience. Wide-ranging class options, from basics like Knife Skills to specifics for seasoned cooks, make the experience accessible for kitchen novices, old hands, and everyone in between.

Allrecipes’ introduction of an online cooking school comes in response to a strong, growing interest in learning cooking skills. According to Allrecipes 2014 Food Roles survey, 86% of Millennial cooks expressed a desire to improve their kitchen skills. “Allrecipes receives thousands of questions and comments related to cooking techniques each month” said Stan Pavlovsky, President, Allrecipes.  “The Allrecipes Cooking School has been designed to answer these questions and to provide an inspiring, supportive environment for digitally-minded cooks to learn at their own pace in the convenience of their own kitchens.”

Each lesson includes a detailed cooking video paired with quick step-by-step skill demonstrations, interactive quizzes, top-rated recipes to reinforce newly-acquired skills, and social sharing boards. All lessons are designed to be viewed across PC and mobile devices, making them convenient and accessible. While individual courses go for $15,  a “Fundamentals” package including all 13 courses is available for $97.

“Digital technologies, health trends and social media are inspiring a new generation of cooks to embrace home cooking,” said Esmee Williams, Vice President, Consumer and Brand Strategy, Allrecipes. “Allrecipes Cooking School provides a quick, affordable and fun opportunity for them to develop skills that will energize them with confidence to succeed with a lifetime of cooking.”

Click here to view the full list of classes and to register.

 About Allrecipes
Founded in 1997 and based in Seattle, WA, is the world’s largest digital food brand, with more than 1 billion annual visits from consumers and more than 1 million YouTube subscribers. Allrecipes’ industry The brand has 19 sites serving 23 countries in 12 languages. In 2013, Allrecipes magazine was launched as the first large-scale digital-to-print brand extension of Published six times per year, the magazine’s current rate base of 900,000 reaches an audience of 5.4 million.

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