Product Review/Giveaway: Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops From The Tender Filet


Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the products discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

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Some call it the reason for the season. Others have declared it the best form of communication. So with the season—the holiday season, that to which many people reading this look forward all year long—upon us, the timing feels right for Flavorful World to communicate with you (see what I did there?) on the subject of Giving

Still with me?

Good. You’ll be glad you stayed.

Because I’m talking about Giving, as in the giving away of a free and awesome thing. To you. To eat. Possibly.

Flavorful World is hosting another giveaway contest, our final one for 2014. The prize this time around is a shipment of boneless stuffed pork chops courtesy of our friends at The Tender Filet (you might remember them from our successful Sirloin Trio giveaway last holiday season.)

Why do we do this? Because we like you, and we tend to express that liking in fashions edible and/or kitchen-friendly. Also, having recently enjoyed a quite positive sample tasting of this product, I’m excited to be able to pass that good vibe on. There’s just one thing you’ll need to do in order to be included among potential recipients. The good news is you can do it without leaving your chair. What you need to do is enter our contest. That’s it. See? Easy, no?

So let me tell you about your prize:

The chops arrived packed tightly with cornbread-and-apple stuffing, shrink-wrapped, and boxed securely in dry ice. They thawed quickly when transferred from freezer to refrigerator overnight or left at room temperature for about an hour. Because they arrived already filled with what I trusted was flavorful stuffing, I went minimalist with seasoning, intent on letting the meat’s flavor tell its tales unmasked. I hit them with a light sprinkling of salt and black pepper and that was it. Then it was into a 350-degree oven with them for just under 60 minutes.

Many reviewers evaluating each component of a stuffed pork chop would begin their dissection with the pork. I’m going to approach it out of the usual order, choosing to talk about the stuffing first, because there’s a point concerning it that deserves some emphasis. As someone who’s tasted the gamut of cornbread-based stuffing in forty years and never been much impressed by them, I liked this stuffing. A lot. I enjoyed this cornbread-and-apple stuffing in a way that far exceeded my expectations. Some of my most enjoyable dining experiences have resulted from my encountering a version of a dish (of which I’ve held a somewhat negative opinion supported by past tastings) that caused me to rethink my position on its ilk. I’m pleased to have found in this product reason to give cornbread stuffing another chance. It was that good: moist with a smooth texture neither mushy nor mealy, and crispy around the exposed edges, with sweetness enough to provide good counterpoint to the savoriness of the meat.

The pork impressed me as well. Each chop cooked evenly with none of the disappointing shrinkage that can leave cooked meats drastically smaller than they were when raw. The cooked meat came to my plate juicy and lean, with clean flavors and just enough fat along each chop’s outer edges to contribute to tasty drippings that are like liquid gold to an appreciative palate.

An added bonus is that preparing this entrée could not have been easier; a pre-heated oven means you’re halfway home toward a tasty no-fuss, restaurant-quality meal. With Thanksgiving dinner hurtling toward us by rocket sled, and a family Christmas meal hot on its heels, ease of preparation becomes a good deal more valuable. Flavorful World and The Tender Filet would love to pass said additional value on to you.

So, a moment now for the usual particulars: This contest will remain open to entries until 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, November 30th, 2014. One (1) randomly-selected winner will receive a shipment of four (4) boneless stuffed pork chops from The Tender Filet. The winner will be announced on December 3rd, 2014 on This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

All right, then. Enough reading. Let’s see those entries! End your 2014 on a high note flavored with the sweet, intoxicating tastes of free pork, cornbread, and apples. You got this.

How to Enter:

Via Twitter: Tweet or re-tweet the following quoted sentence before 11:59 p.m. CST November 30, 2014: “Have you entered @FlavorfulWorld’s contest to win FREE boneless stuffed pork chops from @TheTenderFilet? #FWTFgiveaway” Each tweet or re-tweet will count as one (1) entry. Multiple entries allowed.

Via Enter “Tender Filet Boneless Chops Entry” in the Comments section of this post before 11:59 p.m. CST November 30, 2014. Each comment will count as one (1) entry. Multiple entries allowed.

Good luck to all entrants, and thanks for making our 2014 great!

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