Hot Peanut Butter Drink in Your Cup, Oreo Churros, “Ramnuts” (Not What You Think), and Sriracha for Your Keychain

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Just Drinkin’ About PB

Woe be to chocolate; peanut butter is again throwing down a gauntlet. This time, it’s taking the fight to cocoa-based delights not in the candy aisle, but in the arena of hot beverages. Peanut Hottie is a peanut butter-flavored instant hot beverage that’s caffeine-free, packs less than 100 calories per cup, and made with real peanuts. Available in Original Peanut Butter flavor and Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor, this product literally flirts with consumers, its packaging gushing with innuendos like “Take Me Home…” and “You Make Me Hot…” Hot cocoa may be the delicious, silent type, and we love it for what it is. But Peanut Hottie is just an instant beverage sitting in front of consumers everywhere, emblazoned with sexy script asking them to love it. Given its rising popularity, they do and chances are that you or I might as well.


Image credit: J & J Snack Foods

Oreo + Churro = Chorreo?

The just-fried crispness of a churro will meet the chocolatey richness of the Oreo cookie, and we have J & J Snack Foods to thank for it. The company has partnered with food and confectionery giant Mondelēz International to produce the snack mashup in the form of traditional churros as well as bite-sized and double-twist versions. Ways to enjoy them include dipping them in an Oreo creme sauce, topping them with ice cream, or presumably dunking them in a glass of cold milk. Ah, the classics.

Via Daily Mail

Image credit: Culinary Bro-Down
Image credit: Culinary Bro-Down

Ramnuts Ramnuts Yum Yum Yum…

On first hearing that Culinary Bro-Down‘s Josh Scherer had fashioned doughnuts out of ramen noodles, my initial reaction was one of exhaustion and faint annoyance at this unending culinary tomfoolery of shoehorning either ramen noodles or doughnuts into composite dishes with which Dr. Moreau would find ethical dilemmas. Then he covered them with frosting and stuffed them with custard. And I took a beat to read the recipe, and my stance softened as I realized that in a world rife with unneeded, unasked for culinary hybrids, chimeras, and outright grotesqueries, here is the first ramen-based mashup I’ve come across in a long while that actually sounded even remotely fun to eat, or like something I might actually finish if offered a bite. Maybe it’s the inclusion of horchata among its ingredients that has moved me. Or maybe it’s my appreciation for the Boston Creme variety of virtually anything sweet. Whatever it is, it’s officially interested me in seeing what Culinary Bro-Down does next.

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Sriracha Before You Go Go

Because getting caught without sriracha at an inopportune moment is at best inconvenient and at worst soul-crushing. Because some days you just can’t get rid of the craving to kiss your food with a little liquid fire. Because it’s what (insert your chosen deity) wants you to do. Because owning it will make you look like a food-and-dining sophisticate in the eyes of that gorgeous person you’ve had your eye on for a while now, and will serve you as the perfect conversational ice-breaker by giving you something unusual to offer them the next time you happen upon them in mid-meal. These are just a few reasons why I can see Sriracha2Go’s refillable 1.25-ounce keychain bottle of sriracha being this season’s go-to foodie stocking stuffer. Also, it goes for $7 USD and (according to statistics I just made up) raises the average eater’s coolness factor by at least 10%.

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